In an interview with British Vogue, the singer introduced herself in a way which raised many fans' eyebrows

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Have Rihanna‘s fans been pronouncing her name wrong for all these years?

It may, in fact, be possible, according to a recent video from British Vogue’s Twitter where the “Diamonds” singer, 31, introduced herself with a very different pronunciation than what some fans were expecting.

Instead of pronouncing her name as “Ri-ah-na”, the singer joyfully opened the video and said, “Hello, British Vogue, it’s ‘Ree-anna.'”

Some fans were taken aback after watching the video, while others were a tad bit confused on how else a person could pronounce the singer’s name.

One fan wrote, “so we’ve been pronouncing Rihanna‘s name wrong this whole time,” while another added, “All of y’all who say you don’t pronounce Rihanna with a hard ‘Ah’ on the ‘anna’ are lying unprovoked.”

Someone else tweeted, “i know how to pronounce rihanna’s name but i still say it incorrectly like 60% of the time.”

“I love how we all collectively choose to pronounce Rihanna’s name wrong,” noted another user.

Another fan, who was confused about the online reaction to her pronunciation, wrote, “What’s the other way you can pronounce Rihanna though?”

“ma’am wha? this is the way i say rihanna… i thought everyone pronounce it this way?” asked someone else.

Then there were some who sympathized with her and even went so far as to compare the mispronunciation to Ariana Grande‘s last name.

“Lol Rihanna is like me. I pronounce my name two different ways but only because people refuse to pronounce it the way it’s supposed to be,” wrote one fan.

“I’ve heard her pronounce Rihanna this way but I still like saying ‘Ri-auhn-na’ not ‘Ri-Anne-na’ but that’s not fair to her. Just like we been pronouncing Grande wrong, when it’s ‘Grand-ie’ not ‘Grandé’,” noted someone else.

As the name debate stirred on, some fans were more concerned about her upcoming reggae album. “So we can have this but I cant get no new music? Ok :(” joked one user.

Rihanna has made headlines in the past for her hilarious response to fans inquiring about new music, even joking that she “feels attacked” in an Instagram post last year. She captioned the meme — a picture of herself looking flustered, surrounded by a large crowd — writing, “When your fans keep asking you for new music.”

In an interview with The New York Times’ T Style magazine published earlier this month, the singer, who took a hiatus from music to pursue other creative ventures, most notably a clothing brand and a makeup line, confirmed that her long-awaited next project will be a reggae album.

Though she didn’t reveal much about the music itself, the “Work” singer denied rumors that she’s collaborating with Lady Gaga

Talk that she’d potentially work with the “Shallow” singer started swirling around the internet when Gaga, 33, followed Rihanna on Instagram recently, but Rihanna admitted she’s open to the idea.

“It’s not in the books right now, but I’m not against it,” the Barbadian singer told the outlet.

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But Rihanna quickly shut down the possibility of a collaboration with her on-again, off-again fling Drake, despite the success of their numerous singles, including “What’s My Name,” “Take Care,” “Too Good” and “Work.”

“Not on this album, that’s for sure,” she said before adding, “Not anytime soon, I don’t see it happening.”

As for the name of her Anti follow-up, the singer hinted that her fans — whose loyalty earned them the nickname, the “Rihanna Navy” — might have a say.

“It’s just been R9 thanks to the Navy,” Rihanna said when asked what titles she’s considered thus far. “I’m about to call it that probably, ’cause they have haunted me with this, ‘R9, R9, when is R9 coming out?’ How will I accept another name after that’s been burned into my skull?”