Rick Ross Finally Gets His Driver's License at Age 45, Despite Having 'Over 100 Cars'

Before getting his license, all it took was his bright white smile to keep him from getting a ticket. "They like, 'Go 'head, Rozay. We know you good,'" Ross explained

Rick Ross
Rick Ross. Photo: Dominik Bindl/Getty

He might have a "Purple Lamborghini," but for the longest time, Rick Ross didn't even have a driver's license!

In an interview with Today, the Miami rapper revealed that he finally got his driver's license at the age of 45 despite having "over 100 cars."

"I actually was driven to the test," Ross revealed. "I do have over 100 cars and I just hadn't had my license. So, whenever I go joyriding, it was just one of those things."

"My mom and my sister pressured me, finally. So I went and took the test. It took me an hour," he added. "You know, I missed a few answers but I got it."

But was taking the test worth it? "It was," he added. "Because you should have your driver's license. But it's something about my smile. Every time I get pulled over, by the time the officers walked up...." Ross then flashed his ultra-white teeth. "They like, 'Go 'head, Rozay. We know you good.'"

Ross appeared on Today to discuss his new book The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler's Guide to Building Your Empire. In it, he describes how positive thinking has helped him move forward in his career and life.

"I feel like life is such a beautiful struggle. Let's not prepare for the losses, because we know you'll have losses. Let's prepare for the wins so you can keep going," he said about his positive mentality.

Ross also opened up about his health after suffering a seizure in 2011.

"I feel great," he said. "I dropped close to 100 pounds. I've kept them off for close to three years. That's something I speak about in the book: it's having drive and passion."

"I would refuse to go to sleep, I'd lay down for two or three hours a day and be right back up because I wanted to succeed," he added. "I wanted to be successful and after all the success I still cut my own grass and I try to encourage the youngsters to get that rust off the side of their mom's house and get that urine from behind the toilet."

In an interview with Forbes earlier this year, the rapper spoke about the ways he cuts back on costs, despite living on a 235-acre mansion in Georgia.

"I don't have a big jet. I try my best to fly Delta," he said in the interview. "I love swap meets and antique stores. I love finding beautiful things that cost $8 or $20."

He even does his own landscaping.

"When I bought the Fayetteville estate, locals would see me walk out of a restaurant and scream, 'You know Holyfield spent $1 million a year to cut the grass.' So I decided that I was gonna cut my own grass. And that's what I did," Ross said.

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