"Just did what I would hope anyone would do in same situation," Marx tweeted

Richard Marx and wife Daisy Fuentes are back home in Los Angeles following their scary ordeal aboard a recent flight.

“Daisy and I are home safe and sound. No big ‘hero’ move at all. Just did what I would hope anyone would do in same situation. Tnx 4 concern,” the singer tweeted on Tuesday evening.

The couple was traveling from Hanoi, Vietnam to Seoul, Korea when a fellow passenger aboard his Korean Air flight became violent and started attacking the crew and other passengers.


Both Marx, 53, and Fuentes, 50, shared photos from the four-hour incident on social media, showing how male passengers and flight attendants attempted to subdue the attacker. One female stewardess was pictured holding a Taser while Marx was seen clenching rope around his fist.

“It was just chaos,” he told ABC’s Good Morning America on Wednesday. “This guy was out of control. He was attacking passengers. He attacked the crew — a couple of passengers. They were trying to calm him down, but he was whacked out.”

“I’m just exhausted,” he added.

On Facebook, Marx went into more detail.

“My wife and I are safe but one crew member and two passengers were injured. The all female crew was clueless and not trained as to how to restrain this psycho and he was only initially subdued when I and a couple other male passengers intervened,” he wrote.


“Korean Air should be sanctioned for not knowing how to handle a situation like this without passenger interference,” he concluded.

Marx and Fuentes had enjoyed a romantic Hanoi trip ahead of their one-year wedding anniversary on Dec. 23.