"Filing for divorce when I get back to LA," Ray J's wife Princess Love wrote on Instagram in November

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Ray J is turning his attention to music following a slew of tumultuous events involving his pregnant wife Princess.

The singer-songwriter, 38, released his new EP Emerald City on Friday. It features collaborations with his sister Brandy, 40, K. Michelle and hip-hop artists Knotch and Truth.

The EP comes just a few weeks after his wife accused him of leaving her and their 18-month-old daughter “stranded” in Las Vegas after BET’s Soul Train Awards on Nov. 17 and threatened to file for divorce.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the drama began when Ray J posted a since-deleted family photo from the awards show on his Instagram last month.

“Thank you @bet #soulTrainAwards @princesslove @melodylovenorwood,” he captioned the now removed post. Princess speedily commented and called the rapper out for his alleged transgression in an exchange captured by Instagram account The Shade Room.

“Left me and Melody stranded in Vegas and blocked me from calling.. now you wanna post family photos ? #ByeUgly,” Princess quipped.

Brandy, Ray J, K Michelle
Brandy, Ray J, K. Michelle
| Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty; Paras Griffin/Getty; Leon Bennett/Getty

The Love & Hip Hop star, 35, is currently eight months pregnant with the couple’s second child.

Ray J denied Princess’ allegations that that he abandoned her and their baby girl in a video he shared on Instagram with the caption, “Love took a L this time.”

“This is for all the media outlets out there that’s putting out these stories about me,” he said in the clip. “Let me explain something to y’all because I don’t think y’all understand who I really am. I am my family. I love my family. I’ve dedicated my life to my family. To insinuate that I would do anything to harm my daughter is just sad man,” he added, addressing Princess’s accusation.

Panning the camera to show that he was still at the Skylofts at MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas, Ray J continued: “I just don’t understand how somebody could get stranded if we never left. We’ve been right here People are going to get into arguments here and there that are small stuff that you can work out.”

He then addressed Princess’ decision to broadcast their dilemma on Instagram.

“To take this to social media and create this crazy story about me leaving my baby in harm’s way is not cool. Our circle needs to be tight like that,” Ray J said, clenching his fist. “Nobody should be able to get in it.”

“If we get into something big or small, we should be able to hug each other and love each other and listen to each other and understand what we need to do to make it right,” he added. “How can I make adjustments? How can I compromise to make you happy? It goes both ways in a relationship. This is not it.”

Ray J went on to apologize for his part and “everything that’s happened.” In his caption, Ray J added that he misses their daughter.

Princess was not impressed by the video or caption, writing, “Practice what you preach…” before adding: “If we’ve ‘so called’ been there the whole time, why would you miss your baby?” on her Instagram story.

On Nov. 21, Instagram account The Shade Room shared yet another photo of a heated exchange. This time, it appeared as though Princess responded to Ray J’s Instagram Live video from their daughter Melody’s account. The comment said: “Filing for divorce when I get back to LA.” Another user replied “Call your wife.”

Princess also posted her own since-deleted Instagram Live video in which she further detailed the events of the Las Vegas drama. E! News reports Princess said that she discovered Ray J had an “extra phone” and was giving his number out.

“He basically admitted he had been entertaining, you know, some women,” she said, according to the outlet.

“Every time we get into an argument he starts talking about or alluding to, like, getting a divorce or saying ‘As long as I get to see my kids,’” she reportedly told her followers. “It’s like, ‘Why do you gotta to take it there?'”

Princess also claimed that Ray J left the hotel and blocked her on social media, failing to call or check on her and their daughter.

TMZ reported on Nov. 27 that Ray J claimed the two were aiming to work through their differences and look into couple’s therapy. But on Dec. 2, Ray J was spotted without his wedding ring in a photo obtained by PEOPLE. He was preparing to board a flight at Los Angeles International Airport when he was photographed sans ring.

Ray J confirmed on Dec. 4 during an appearance on PEOPLETV’s Reality Check that he and his wife Princess are still together.

The pair wed in August 2016 after four years of dating and welcomed their first child Melody together in May 2018.