December 12, 2016 06:33 PM

The men of Rascal Flatts sat down with PEOPLE Now to recall some of their craziest fan experiences—and let’s just say they always forgive, but never forget.

“We’ve all been yanked offstage at some point, but I remember a couple years ago I was yanked offstage over this little fence and my pants ripped completely out of the crotch and the guitar came up and hit me in the head. I was, like, bleeding,” guitarist Joe Don Rooney says of the embarrassing moment. “I was like, ‘What just happened?’ This girl really just pulled me down into the crowd.”

Maybe it’s because their music is so good, it brings fans to life—literally.

“I had a girl one time—a lady—that was gonna have a C-section and she scheduled the C-section around our concert,” says pianist Jay DeMarcus. “So she had an ambulance waiting after the show to take her to the hospital to have her C-section.”

And while that fan did everything in her power to hold out from giving birth before she could see Rascal Flatts perform right before her eyes, it’s easy to predict her next fangirl moment.

“Signing babies is never a good thing,” lead vocalist Gary LeVox jokes. DeMarcus not-so-jokingly adds: “Sharpie a baby’s forehead.”

Wait, rewind. That actually happened.

“Oh yeah,” DeMarcus says when asked if that’s a serious request. “We’ll do anything for money!”

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