The rapper was in Miami for a New Year's Eve performance with Diddy and DJ Khaled

By Helen Murphy
January 03, 2020 09:25 AM
Rapper DaBaby
| Credit: Prince Williams/Wireimage

Rapper DaBaby was arrested in Miami on Thursday night after being taken in for questioning in connection with a robbery investigation.

A spokesperson with the Miami Police Department confirmed to PEOPLE that the 28-year-old rapper (né Jonathan Lyndale Kirk) had been detained on Thursday for questioning.

According to an arrest report obtained by PEOPLE, DaBaby was arrested in relation to the robbery investigation later on Thursday and charged with one count of battery. Jail records, which include DaBaby’s mug shot, show that he was booked around 11:49 p.m. local time on Thursday night.

A rep for DaBaby’s music label did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

The arrest report stated that two victims were involved in the alleged robbery, including a music promoter who had allegedly previously made an agreement with DaBaby for $30,000 in exchange for a performance.

Rapper DaBaby
| Credit: Miami Police Department

On Thursday afternoon, DaBaby met up with the promoter, who allegedly gave him only $20,000, according to the arrest report. A “verbal altercation ensued” after DaBaby counted the money, and the rapper allegedly punched one of the victims in the face.

DaBaby and a group of “several other males” then allegedly “began attacking” the other victim, the music promoter, the arrest report stated. One of the men with DaBaby allegedly stole an iPhone, a credit card and $80 of cash from the promoter, while another person allegedly “doused him with apple juice.”

The rapper and the group of men with him fled the scene, but DaBaby was allegedly later positively identified by the two victims, the arrest report stated.

DaBaby denied involvement in the incident, according to the arrest report.

The “Suge” rapper had been in Miami this week for a New Year’s Eve performance alongside Diddy and DJ Khaled, according to NBC Miami.