"I had so many close people die, I thought I was numb to death, but this past week has taught me im not," the rapper said

By Eric Todisco
November 26, 2019 09:25 AM

Cam’ron is mourning the death of his girlfriend, Tawasa Harris.

On Monday, the 43-year-old rapper (real name Cameron Giles) posted a heartfelt Instagram tribute to Harris, whose death was revealed last Thursday by a friend on Facebook.

Cam’ron began the post, which featured a throwback photo of the pair, by thanking his family, friends, and fans for their condolences. He then clarified the history of his relationship with Harris.

“This is not my son’s mother (my son’s mother is fine) this is someone I went out with years ago, and we got back together a year and a half ago,” he wrote. “And I had the best time of my life during that period.”

Cam’ron continued: “She was the person I spent 3-4 nights a week with, the person I spoke to on the phone with 7-8 times a day, the person I fell asleep on the phone with, the person I spent all summer with, the person that I was planning thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and our birthdays with, the person who put me on to hi-end fashion, my biggest supporter, the person that wouldn’t let u talk about me while she was around, I could go on and on..but..this was really the love of my life!!”

“I had so many close people die, I thought I was numb to death, but this past week has taught me I’m not,” he added. “I chose to keep this relationship private because of the same way the media is acting now. Speculating, reporting with out facts etc. but Tee I’m truly going to miss you. You are my best friend.. and the true definition of HOMIE, LOVER, FRIEND.”

After sending his condolences to Harris’ family, including her three kids, he said that it was “Time for me to get out and get back to it.”

“I know that’s what she would want.. #BestFriends ?,” he concluded the post.

Harris’ death was first made public last week by her friend, Latanya Marie, on Facebook. She shared several photos of the late Harris in a sweet tribute to her.

“R.i.p Tawasa… I didn’t sleep all night bc of all the old memories that kept poppin in my head of all the fun times we all had back in early 80’w/ my Cousin Tresha (r.i.p) how she would bring me down the bottom to your house and we would go up to Southwest Philly It was my first introduction to the fast life – ? a.k.a the streets. you Definitely lived by the words. “Fly 2 I die”. Say Hello to Tree 4 me❤️ in heaven,” Marie wrote.

Details about Harris’ death are currently unknown.