Rachel Platten tells PEOPLE about the "cathartic" process of writing and recording her upcoming fourth studio album

By Lindsay Kimble
October 04, 2017 10:55 AM

Though pop star Rachel Platten has had a string of empowering hits with tunes like “Fight Song” and “Stand By You,” she’s hoping to show a more unguarded side of herself with her new music.

“The message that I want to get across is that you’re good as you are,” Platten tells PEOPLE while opening up about her partnership with Ford Warriors in Pink. “I will take my mask off and show you who I really am, and show you my vulnerabilities and maybe that gives you permission to take your mask off too.”

She adds, “That’s what I’m more concerned with than just lifting people up — connecting with people in a real way.”

The “Broken Glass” singer is keeping mum on when her fourth studio album will be released, but teases that details will be available soon.

“I personally have so many demons and anxieties and insecurities, and I write just as much about that in the new record,” she shares, adding, “It is just a range of my emotions and what I went through — there’s some dark days I wrote songs and there’s some light days that I wrote songs. So they’re just all honest.”

Platten calls working on the album a “cathartic” process that’s taken around a year from when she first began writing — ultimately penning around 100 songs that she’s whittled down for the album. “I didn’t put any limitations on my creativity and I didn’t follow any rules on how a song has to sound,” she says. “I just went where my weird artist brain wanted to go, and I thankfully had collaborators who let me go there too.”

The singer/songwriter says she hopes that any unused tracks can eventually be recorded by other artists — like some of the “strong, amazing women friends” she tells PEOPLE she gets “to lean on.”

Like Kesha, who she says she recently had a “three-hour phone call” with. “She was so patient and sweet and then finally at the end I was like, ‘Okay, we can laugh,’ ” shares Platten.

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Part of finding success has also meant giving back for Platten, who helped Warriors in Pink surprise unsuspecting breast cancer patients with a private voice lesson at Voice Academy NYC last week.

“It was really sweet, really nice to see so many smiles,” Platten tells PEOPLE of the event, which was part of Warriors in Pink’s mission to give breast cancer patients more good days. She adds, “Finally I’ve gotten to the top of this mountain that I’ve been trying to climb for like 12 years. Finally I had a breakthrough and I have a chance, and I’m using it to point in directions and causes that I believe in.”