Rachel Platten Reveals the Most Emotional Stories Fans Have Shared with Her

Rachel Platten is back, and she's inspiring her fans more than ever

Rachel Platten is back, and she’s inspiring her fans more than ever.

The “Fight Song” singer, known for her confidence-boosting anthems, released her album Waves on Thursday. Platten, 36, tells PEOPLE Now how a fan wrote “the most beautiful comment” about the album, saying that the summer single “Broken Glass” saved the listener’s life.

“[The comment] said, ‘”Broken Glass’ saved my life this summer,'” Platten recalls. “‘I knew you were releasing new music, and so I didn’t harm myself basically because I wanted to hear what you were going to put out in the world. And once I heard it, it reminded me that I’m strong and I can break through ceilings.'”

Platted continued: “I was crying and ruining my fake eyelashes earlier today because that moved me so much.”

Frazer Harrison/AMA2016/Getty
Frazer Harrison/AMA2016/Getty

Since her rise to fame with feel-good hits like “Fight Song” and “Stand By You,” Platten gets a lot of “beautiful” remarks from fans who are inspired by her confident anthems.

“It feels like a privilege, and it also feels like I have a responsibility. I never want to say something too light in response,” says Platten. “It can be confusing and overwhelming, and it can also be incredible. It’s a beautiful thing to have someone cry to you and tell you that you helped them, or saved their life, or changed their life.”

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While preparing for the release of Waves, Platten previously told PEOPLE that her new album shows her unguarded side, revealing some of her “anxieties” and “insecurities.” The song “Collide” is about Platten’s relationship with her husband, while “Perfect for You” features candid lyrics that flow in a storytelling style.

“The message that I want to get across is that you’re good as you are,” Platten told PEOPLE while opening up about her partnership with Ford Warriors in Pink. “I will take my mask off and show you who I really am, and show you my vulnerabilities — and maybe that gives you permission to take your mask off too.”

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