R. Kelly's Ex Claims He 'Trained' Teen Girl in His Alleged 'Sex Dungeon' — and Was Abused If She Didn't Comply

In a new BBC Three documentary, R Kelly: Sex, Girls & Videotapes airing Wednesday night, Kitti Jones recounts some of the darkest moments during their two years together

One of R. Kelly‘s past girlfriends is opening up about her time in the singer’s alleged “sex dungeon,” where she claims the three-time Grammy winner had been “training” women to be his “pets” — including one girl from the time she was 14.

In a new BBC Three documentary, R Kelly: Sex, Girls & Videotapes airing Wednesday night, Kitti Jones recounts some of the darkest moments during their two years together — allegations the former radio deejay and divorced mother of one first detailed in a profile for Rolling Stone published back in October.

Reps for Kelly did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. But in July, BuzzFeed News published a report that alleged Kelly had at least six women live in his Chicago and Georgia properties who allegedly fulfilled his desires and were punished if they break any of his “rules” — allegations Kelly’s former lawyer, Linda Mensch, strongly denied to PEOPLE in a statement and Kelly called “a bunch of crap” on social media.

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According to Jones, she met Kelly (né Robert Kelly) back in June 2011 while working an after-party for one of his concerts in Dallas. By November of that year, Jones had sold her car and moved into Kelly’s Chicago apartment.

As she told BBC Three’s Ben Zand, Kelly would “physically, mentally, verbally, and sexually” abuse her during their time together — even picking out her wardrobe (he demanded she wear loose sweatpants). “I would go without eating for a couple days as punishment,” she claimed, adding she would be “slapped, beaten and kicked” if she didn’t comply.

In January 2013, Kelly reportedly moved Jones to the living quarters of his Chicago recording studio where she lived with two of his other girlfriends in what she dubbed “a sex dungeon.”

Kelly said it was only when she met Kelly’s other women that she realized she was being trained, too.

“I was introduced to one of the girls — that he told me he ‘trained’ since she was 14, those were his words — I saw that she was dressed like me, that she was saying the things that I would say and her mannerisms were like mine,” Jones claimed. “That’s when it clicked in my head that he had been grooming me to become one of his pets. He calls them his pets.”

Jones claimed that she was forced to have sex with Kelly and other people on “more than 10” occasions. The first occasion, she claimed, started when she was summoned to a room where Kelly was waiting, undressed from the waist down and holding a video camera. She was then told to undress in a chair before another “girl” walked into the room.

“He had her crawl on the floor towards me and perform oral sex on me and he said, ‘This is my f–ing pet. I trained her. She’s gonna teach you how to be with me.'”

“He’s a narcissist,” Jones claimed of Kelly. “I think he gets some sort of satisfaction within himself knowing that he’s taking control over other people by physical abuse, mental, verbal, sexual.”

Kelly’s representative responded to Jones’ original claims to Rolling Stone, saying: “Mr. Kelly is aware of the repeated and now evolving claims of [Ms. Jones]. It is unfortunate that Ms. Jones, after public statements to the contrary, is now attempting to portray a relationship history with Mr. Kelly as anything other than consensual involvement between two adults. As stated previously, Mr. Kelly does not control the decision-making or force the actions of any other human being, including Ms. Jones, by her own admission. Any claim of wrongdoing of any kind or of mistreatment of any woman by him is false, ill-motived and defamatory.”

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Wednesday’s documentary comes six months after Jerhoda Pace alleged that she had an underage sexual relationship with the singer while detailing her life as part of Kelly’s alleged “sex cult” during an interview on The Real.

Pace said that at 16 years old, she was introduced to a female trainer who taught her sexual acts to perform on the “Ignition: Remix” singer.

“I went out there to his tour bus and you have him naked and you have her naked,” she said of the first time she met the woman. “And I’m looking like, ‘Okay, what is this?’ Because Rob [Kelly] is the one who took my virginity, so I was like, ‘Um, yeah, so, what’s going on?’ And he’s like, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ I guess he saw that I was looking uneasy and I wanted to know what am I doing.”

She continued, “That’s when he told me to look at her and he said, ‘She’s going to teach you everything you need to know. She’s going to please you.’ He told me to remove my clothes and that’s when me and her engaged in sexual activity.”

Pace also spoke about Kelly’s alleged physical abuse, saying that he slapped her in the face and would lock her in a room for days at a time.

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In a previous statement to PEOPLE, former attorney Mensch strongly denied the allegations.

“Mr. Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed at the recent revelations attributed to him,” she said. “Mr. Kelly unequivocally denies such allegations and will work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name.”

R Kelly: Sex, Girls & Videotapes airs Wednesday on BBC Three.

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