R. Kelly's Former Girlfriend Azriel Clary Reunites with Family: 'Let the Healing Process Begin'

"You all believed in me when I could not believe for myself," Azriel Clary wrote

R. Kelly's girlfriend Azriel Clary is ready to start healing.

Clary, 22, was involved in an alleged fight with Kelly's other girlfriend Joycelyn Savage inside of Kelly's Trump Tower condo in Chicago on Wednesday. After the fight, Azriel's mom Alice confirmed to PEOPLE that her daughter was back in contact with her family.

On Monday, Azriel shared a series of sweet photos of herself posing along with her family on Instagram.

"Let the healing process begin," Azriel began her emotional caption. "Love yall and thank y'all ❤️I even thank everyone who follows me.. because you all believed in me when I could not believe for myself. ??? #movingontobetterdays."

"P.S – everyone will be posting [their] own fave photos so make sure y'all follow the family! #ontherunwithazriel," she concluded.

Folks were quick to show their support of the heartfelt post. "Ur mom looks so happy..God Bless you all ??," one person wrote. "This is absolutely beautiful ????," another added.

Azriel Clary
Azriel Clary/Instagram

Azriel's mother revealed to PEOPLE on Thursday that she couldn't be happier to reunite with her daughter.

"The battle is won because she's still here, she's still alive, she's still breathing and though she lost a few years of her life, she's still here to tell her story," Alice said. "Because I chose not to keep her secluded in her life, she's here now and we're able to say the victory is won because she finally came to her senses."

Alice also slammed Kelly for allegedly sexually abusing her daughter. Kelly denies the allegations that he abused or mistreated Azriel in any way.

"He kept her stagnated for years and didn't let her be with her family," she said. "She didn't do the same things that other young girls do so she didn't learn any lessons. All she learned was s--- that was with him. This whole ordeal is twisted and unfortunately people and the media and everybody, they don't look at it that way."

"Everybody wants to bash and throw her under the bus and this and that, and they just really don't understand that this still is a young lady that has a life to live and this s--- is crazy," Alice said.

Alice is thankful that Azriel is able to move forward.

"My daughter could either not be here because of the choices she made when she was 17 or I get to be able to fight and help her grow," she told PEOPLE. "To be honest, the battle is won because she's still here, she's still alive."

For decades Kelly has been accused of several sexual assault allegations by women and girls, including possession of child pornography, after incidents that date back to the early '90s.

"I just feel like people don't give victims a fair share," Alice said. "I know with my daughter, it would be the same way so that's why I've never spoken out after the documentary."

Azriel Clary
Alice and Azriel Clary. Azriel Clary/Instagram

In response to Alice's claims, Kelly's attorney Steve Greenberg told PEOPLE, "I think people can judge these parents, their history of self-promotion and their comments, on their own, considering the source. These folks are all about their own fame. They are not worth our time."

Kelly is currently being held without bail in federal prison in Chicago after being arrested on several sex crime charges, including child pornography, racketeering and obstruction of justice in both Illinois and New York, PEOPLE previously reported. He pleaded not guilty to all of those charges.

Most recently, the singer pleaded not guilty to a racketeering charge brought forward by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn last month.

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