Quincy Brown Releases 'Options' with Brother Christian 'King' Combs: Music 'Is the Universal Language'

Not only did Quincy Brown and his brother Christian Combs collaborate to drop "Options," the duo may even start a group

Quincy Taylor Brown and Christian “King” Combs only drop hits — and their new song "Options" is one of them!

Diddy’s sons with his late ex-girlfriend Kim Porter have teamed up for Quincy’s latest work and the momentous debut marks the brothers' first official collaboration. (Quincy’s biological father is Al B. Sure!, but he was adopted and raised by Diddy.)

Previously, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter made a name for himself in the acting industry by starring in the television series, Star. He also landed major roles in the films Brotherly Love and Dope, both released in 2015. These days, however, he’s turning his attention to developing his career in music, which he calls “the universal language.”

As the universal language, my long-term goal is to bring the outside world in closer,” Quincy tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I want to continue to make personable music that people can relate to on all levels through the many styles I have.”

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“I see myself as different characters in my music, but all pertaining to real life,” adds the star.

In the “Options” music video, released on Friday, Quincy isn’t playing a character — he’s being himself with his younger brother Combs, 21, as they dance through a luxury home.

"I was looking for love, I must be looking too far," Quincy sings in the chorus, after his brother raps, "But I hope I find ya ass by the time that I drop this."

The music video opens with Quincy waking up in bed as King Combs appears to have a bite for breakfast as he walks towards a terrace. In the video, Combs wears a white robe paired with gray sweatpants and yellow house slippers and accessorizes with a gold necklace and large pendant.

Quincy Brown and Christian Casey Combs

As he makes his way back into the home, he is joined by his brother who is seen dancing in the background as he puts on his earrings. The pair continue grooving from room to room, singing along and showing off their dance moves along the way, even changing outfits.

Though the music video is playful, the message behind the song is meaningful. “‘Options’ is just a reminder to focus on the things that are in front of you,” the hitmaker tells PEOPLE. “Life is full of options, but it runs off of decisions.”

Quincy says he enjoys bonding with his brother and they may even start a group.

Quincy Brown
Quincy Brown. Michael Kovac/Getty Images

“It’s fun to work with family when you find that perfect groove,” Quincy says. “As brothers we learn from each other so it’s not always about me playing the teacher role.”

“We have a perfect clashing of styles, so I’m hype for what’s to come in the near future. Maybe even start a group!” he adds.

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