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January 09, 2017 06:35 PM

Prince wasn’t big on the stock market — but he did have nearly $1 million in gold bars.

The Carver County District Court released an inventory of the late singer’s estate last Friday. While many items are still being appraised and valued, the documents obtained by PEOPLE make it clear that the “Purple Reign” icon had exactly zero dollars worth of “stocks, bonds and other securities.” Apparently he preferred to keep his cash the old fashioned way.

Sixty-seven 10 oz. gold bars, valued currently at $836,166.70, were found in his possession when he died of a fentanyl overdose on April 21.

Of far greater value is Prince’s real estate portfolio, consisting of 12 Minnesota properties with a combined worth of more than $25.4 million. He also possessed $110,000 spread across four bank accounts,and $6 million held in his companies: Paisley Park Enterprises Inc., NPG Records Inc., NPG Music Publishing and LotusFlow3r.

According to the manifest, valuation is in progress for unreleased albums, videos, art, jewelry, musical instruments, and 15 automobiles — and a host of other goods and copyrights. Tantalizingly, it also notes the famous motorcycle used in the Purple Rain film, as well as the two-wheeler used in the 1990 prequel, Graffiti Bridge.

  • With reporting by JEFF NELSON

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