The older son of the late Michael Jackson opened up about his happy love life at a charity event

By Raha Lewis
October 29, 2018 04:15 PM
Tara Ziemba/WireImage

Prince Michael Jackson — the elder son of the late Michael Jackson — attended a Halloween party over the weekend with his girlfriend for a great cause.

Stepping out at the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation‘s 3rd Annual DDJF Costume for a Cause event, Jackson was dressed up as Jason from Friday the 13th as he opened up about his happy love life.

“I think in everything there’s an important balance,” he told PEOPLE exclusively. “I think that I’m a certain way, and she’s very — I don’t want to say opposite — but complementary in a way that we balance each other out. I’m more aggressive, she’s a little softer.”

Declining to reveal his girlfriend’s name, the 21-year-old said she “encourages” him to “see things through a different light” and vice versa. “It helps us stay well-rounded,” added Jackson.

The couple often travel together and recently flew to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday. Despite his high profile, Jackson said their favorite date nights are surprisingly normal: “She likes the beach. I like the movies!”

After losing his father at a young age, Jackson is now working to support other children who undergo traumatic experiences.

“This foundation is very important because it comes from an inspiration for my cousins that want to help kids that have gone through some serious or significant loss in their life,” he said. “Children are the future, of any generation and every generation. To make sure that they have the healthiest upbringing possible despite everything that happens in their life is really crucial.”

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Jackson himself leaned on his family in the years following his father’s death in 2009 and also found solace in Michael’s love.

“My dad did such a great job raising us that he gave us the tools to succeed,” said Jackson. “Obviously, it was cut short and we didn’t get to learn as much as we should have, but he did give us enough to succeed on our own.”