Post Malone's Fans Want Him to Get a Makeover on 'Queer Eye' : 'They Just Think I'm Ugly and Smell'

Post Malone's fans just want what's best for him — even if that means giving him a makeover

Post Malone’s fans love his music but do not feel the same way when it comes to his style.

In a now-deleted tweet, a fan asked Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown if the rapper could get a makeover on the show.

Brown, who gives expert life advice on the popular Netflix series, tweeted, “Lol why does everyone want @PostMalone to be on the show. Did he request it?”

Malone, who was born Austin Richard Post, did not request it but believes he knows why his fans wanted him to be featured on the makeover show.

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty; Vivien Killilea/Getty

“No they just think I’m ugly and smell lol,” Malone tweeted back. “Love the show tho guys, keep crushing it.”

“Haha! Got it! Thanks Man. You Keep killing it too,” Brown replied. “I personally love [your] style and music.”

Fans of his responded to his tweet saying they only wanted him to reach his “full potential.”

Netflix also tweeted support for him, writing, “I think you’re cute fwiw.”

While the 23-year-old rapper may like the show, it’s unlikely he thinks he needs a stylist’s help with his look as he recently underwent a makeover of his own design.

In June, Malone added an “Always Tired,” tattoo under his eye. The hitmaker already has a vast ink collection with another tattoo on the top right corner of his forehead that reads “Stay Away,” as well as a tattoo of a chain at the top of his head.

The star also has the image of a sword tatted down one side of his face. The “Rockstar” rapper won the 2018 Billboard Music Award for top rap song.

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