Livvia on Opening Up the Jonas Brothers and Attending 4 of Their Weddings: 'They Really All Found Their Perfect People'

The Happiness Begins Tour will mark the singer's second time opening up for her longtime friends

Dreams do come true — and no one can attest to that better than up-and-coming artist Livvia, who will open for the Jonas Brothers Sept. 25-27 on their “Happiness Begins” tour in Texas.

For the 25-year-old singer, born Olivia Somerlyn Hollins Christensen, it all started with being at the right place at the right time.

Back in February 2008, the “Dizzy” singer happened to run into the brothers and their family at a restaurant with her friends after their concert at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles during the group’s “When You Look Me in the Eyes” tour. Their security guard eventually approached her table and offered an introduction, which Livvia and her friends graciously accepted.

“It was weird because that was the first time we met, but their family was there and our parents were talking,” Livvia tells PEOPLE. “We kind of just hit it off and ran into each other in the neighborhood.”


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Livvia and her parents moved to Los Angeles when she was 13 to pursue her music career. The run-in with one of her favorite bands of all-time didn’t end there. She ran into the Jonas Brothers again at a recording studio, where they listened in on her rehearsal with the band she put together a few years back.

“Their dad [Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr.], who was their manager at the time, said, ‘You know, I can really see this working and connecting with that fan base,’” Livvia says. “So he started managing me and introduced me to [Creative Artists Agency] and I started touring.”

She adds, “So, I toured with the boys a little bit in 2013 on their last tour together as the Jonas Brothers.” Back then, she was known as Olivia Somerlyn. “But it was so crazy because I opened for them at the same venue that I had seen them at that time.”

Since their meeting, Livvia has grown close to the Jonas family. She’s co-written her single “Parachute” (2014) with Nick Jonas, considers their father “like another dad” and has even attended all the Jonas weddings — from Kevin and Danielle’s “winter wonderland” fairytale to both Nick and Priyanka’s western and traditional Indian nuptials to Joe and Sophie’s surprise Vegas ceremony.

Though she’s a sucker for sappy wedding moments, the one that elicited a heartwarming reaction was the first dance at the youngest Jonas brother’s wedding. “It’s like Nick and Priyanka, and then Joe and Sophie, and Kevin and Dani all dancing. And you’re just like, ‘Wow. They really all found their perfect people,’” Livvia tells PEOPLE. “You could just tell these were the perfect counterparts for each other.”


After a stage name change and releasing singles like “Catch a Body” ft. Quavo, “Damn,” and “Dizzy,” Livvia has come full circle as she prepares to open for the Jonas Brothers once more in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

It’s been a while since her last big performance, so she’s admittedly “feeling as nervous as I did before my first tour ever.” But she’s rehearsing everyday and continues to grow her presence on Twitter, with support from an “active community” of JoBro die-hards.

She even designed t-shirts inspired by some of the tweets regarding her opening for the Jonas Brothers again. The front of the shirt says, “Livvia, Livving the Dream,” with “Jonas Brothers, Happiness Begins Tour” on the back.

“They have this dialogue going and group chats on Twitter that they have welcomed me into,” Livvia said. “So, it’s really fun for me to be able to connect with them and to have them really welcome me as one of their own. Because, in truth, I am.”

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