The band's new album, Parallel Universe, is out Friday

By Emily Zauzmer
August 22, 2018 01:55 PM

The Plain White T’s is venturing into Stranger Things.

In the band’s music video for the new song “Light Up the Room,” an adult version of the hit Netflix show’s Eleven robs a diner, dances in a cascade of money, and romances a man before leaving him in his car.

“I’m having so much fun making the videos for this album, and so far this one is definitely my favorite,” frontman Tom Higgenson told PEOPLE about the video. “We wanted to do like a supernatural Bonnie and Clyde meets Pulp Fiction. The director Dan Centrone nailed the vision, and the actors completely killed it. They were perfect!”

Plain White T’s is releasing their latest album, Parallel Universe, on Friday. Other singles from the 14-track album include “Bonnie I Want You,” “Bury Me,” “Your Body,” and “Low.”

Higgenson says, “Parallel Universe kind of sounds like if the Plain White T’s got into the DeLorean, went back to 1985, watched a bunch of sci-fi movies at the drive-in, and then zoomed ahead to 2020 and recorded an album, and then came back to 2018 and released it.”

Zander Lane

The band is also launching the Parallel Universe Tour and is planning a television show based on the 2006 hit “Hey There Delilah.”

“‘Hey There Delilah’ has captivated people for over 10 years now … it’s crazy!” Higgenson told EW recently. “And people young and old, to this day, still come up to me and ask about the story behind the song. I’m excited to reimagine the story I’ve told a million times, and make something fun and fresh that people can fall in love with all over again.”