Kids from 130 Countries Worldwide Remake Pink's Hit 'What About Us' for World Children's Day

Children from 130 countries worldwide will remake Pink's smash hit "What About Us" for World Children's Day on Nov. 20

Pink is giving children all over the world a reason to dance.

To commence World Children’s Day on Nov. 20, the United Nations is bringing children to the forefront by organizing global, child “takeovers” around the world. President of France Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minister of Jordan Hani Al-Mulki, President of Chile Michelle Bachelet, Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Varadkar, 50 United States mayors and several other top-ranking politicians globally will be temporarily resigning and turning over their roles to children. Additionally, 24 children will be added to Barcelona Football Club’s practice roster, with some acting as President and Vice President of the Club.


To encourage children worldwide in more than 130 countries to unite to help save other children’s lives, stand up and fight for their rights, and to help them fulfill their true potential and dreams, Pink has handed over her smash hit “What About Us” to UNICEF, where children will sing along to the tune and use a new signature dance move to create their own rendition for a music video.


“This World Children’s Day, I am teaming up with UNICEF to remind the world that children and young people’s voices matter and that their perspectives must be included in the decisions that will shape their future,” said Pink in a statement. “I am excited to lend What About Us to a global kids take over on Nov. 20 as we celebrate the power of kids around the world speaking out about the issues that affect them.”

Children and schools around the world are encouraged to film themselves copying the dance for a chance to be included in the final ‘world version’ of the “What About Us” cover video, which will be released next month.

In 2015, UNICEF appointed the singer as an ambassador, with a focus on children’s health initiatives — specifically on active lifestyles and nutrition — and to serve as the spokesperson for the charity organization’s initiative, Kid Power.


In addition, over 50 organizations, including Lego and H&M, will turn over roles to children. Hugh Jackman and his initiative #WorkoutForWater will be taking place in gyms in over 100 countries, and David Beckham will appear in a Funny or Die video, where he quizzes children about their views of the world and the future it holds.

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