Pharrell Williams and Wife Helen Lasichanh Go Hippie Chic at Chanel Show in Paris Months After Welcoming Triplets

Pharrell certainly looked "Happy" as he arrived at the Chanel Show as part of Paris Fashion Week—just check the smiley face!

Chanel : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018
Photo: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty

Pharrell Williams certainly looked “Happy” as he arrived at the Chanel Show as part of Paris Fashion Week—just check the smiley face!

The 44-year-old singer went full ’70s hippie on Tuesday, donning a tie-dyed T-shirt, tinted John Lennon style “granny glasses,” bright yellow sneakers that match the iconic grin on his shirt, and an oversized cardigan.

Wife Helen Lasichanh rocked a toned down boho-chic look, with granny glasses of her own, leggings, and dip-dyed hair that matched her denim jacket.

It appeared to be a fun day out for the couple, who usually have their hands full caring for the triplets they welcomed in early January. During a visit to the Today Show last week, Williams admitted that Lasichanh handles most of the diaper duties.

“My wife is SEAL Team Six — there’s nothing she can’t do,” he said. “She carried those three bodies and she’s just on it all the time. And we do have some amazing people to help us, but it’s [still] serious.”

And though he has a popular clothing line of his own, Williams doesn’t take much stock into styling the triplets. “Again, SEAL Team Six,” he reiterates, implying Lasichanh takes control in that department too.

Describing their home as “an assembly line,” Williams explained how chain reactions are “a real thing” in his house — especially because the triplets’ “personalities are coming through already.”

“I have a tribe. They harmonize. It’s ‘Waah waah waah’ — all at the same time,” he says. “One cries, the next one cries, the next one cries. They’re hungry, they’re hungry, they’re hungry. When someone says ‘Congratulations,’ I say, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.’ It’s a real thing.”

Williams and Lasichanh wed in October 2013. No details on the sex or names of the babies have been revealed.

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