Peloton Announces Partnership with Verzuz: 'Music Is the Key to the Soul,' Says Timbaland

The partnership between Verzuz and Peloton kicks off with a Brandy-Monica faceoff on March 29

Verzuz is coming to a Peloton bike near you!

The face-off-style musical platform will be collaborating with the stationery bike company to bring Peloton Verzuz to people's homes as they celebrate the music of iconic artists in friendly competitions.

"You need music to work out," Timbaland — who created Verzuz with Swizz Beatz — tells PEOPLE. "I feel like music is the key to the soul."

"Imagine having that playlist of that Verzuz and you're hearing your favorite songs from those artists while you're going on your journey," adds Beatz, 42.

Peloton and Verzuz collab
Alexandra Gavillet

Starting on March 29, the new collab will feature a face-off between R&B greats Brandy and Monica with the first round being a Brandy vs. Monica Run with Rebecca Kennedy.

The run will be followed by a ride led by Cody Rigsby and Emma Lovewell on March 31 and ending with a full-body strength workout on April 1 and led by Adrian Williams.

After Brandy vs. Monica, Timbaland, 49, and Swizz Beatz will take center stage for their matchup.

Peloton and Verzuz collab
Alexandra Gavillet

In a video provided to PEOPLE, the two creators break down why the Peloton Verzuz collab just makes sense.

"I feel that the parallel lines with Verzuz and Peloton are the same. When you're in the zone, the energy is there," says Swizz Beatz in the clip.

"Music and fitness are like brothers and sisters," adds Timbaland.

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