We've gathered you here today to celebrate the best of best boy band video masterpieces

By Lydia Price
June 15, 2017 01:55 PM

We’ve gathered you here today to celebrate the best of best boy band video masterpieces.

Fact: These works of art are the reason we stayed glued to our TVs for hours on end — with the sole purpose of having the Backstreet Boys‘ matching outfits and Hanson’s glorious hair grace our screens.

Backstreet Boys: “I Want It That Way”

Walking together in slow motion; a private plane just kinda chilling there; all-white outfits; a crowd of adoring fans and endless heartfelt looks into the camera? This is 1999 at its finest.

‘NYSNC: “Bye Bye Bye”

To this day, we can’t hear the word “bye” more than once in a row without being hit with visions of Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone flying around on those puppet strings. However, a revisit proves we neglected to remember a number of other invaluable elements of this video, like the car chase and train stunts.

O-Town: “Liquid Dreams”

Where do we even begin?

Hanson: “MMMBop”

Are the rollerblades, low-budget green screen effects or Zac’s braids the most striking thing about this 1997 video? It’s a question we all must answer for ourselves.

New Kids on the Block: “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”

You just can’t hang if you don’t automatically do that iconic choreography when the chorus hits.

B2K: “Uh Huh”

What was it about the early aughts that made everyone want to dance in cubes? Not that we’re complaining. As always, this crew gets extra boy band points for wearing all-white.

98 Degrees: “I Do (Cherish You)”

Press play for a hilarious-in-retrospect look at what we considered to be romantic in 2000. Highlights include proposing in a moving convertible, Justin Jeffree bathing his lover, and Nick Lachey making out on a shag carpet. Come for the cheesiness, stick around for the twist ending.

New Edition: “If It Isn’t Love”

This is pretty much lesson no. 1 of the master class in boy band dancing.

‘NYSNC: “Pop”

The reality that we’re never going to party in that club is still very upsetting. Luckily, the sight of JT doing that push-up move provides a great deal of comfort.

LFO: “Summer Girls”

Little known fact: When you sign on to join a boy band you’re contractually obligated to periodically sing in that squatted position.

Five: “When the Lights Go Out”

It takes special people to act that badass in a 1998 bowling ally, and we’re impressed.

Backstreet Boys: “As Long As You Love Me”

In this 1997 gem from the Backstreet Boys collection, enjoy Nick Carter’s hair, folding chairs being incorporated into the routine, a storyline that has little to do with the song, Nick Carter’s hair, fade-ins from one member to another and did we mention Nick Carter’s hair?

Dream Street: “It Happens Every Time”

How was Jesse McCartney ever so little?

New Edition: “Cool It Now”

Thank you, 1984. Thank you so much for this.

One Direction: “What Makes You Beautiful”

The former X-Factor contestants did their boy band predecessors proud with these beachside shenanigans. Harry Styles serenaded that girl from roughly an inch away from her face like a true pro.