Paula Patton Accuses Robin Thicke of Abuse, Addiction and Infidelity in Explosive Court Documents

Patton's lawyer said the actress "is in reasonable apprehension of imminent serious bodily injury to herself and the child"

On Thursday, an L.A. judge granted Paula Patton‘s request for a temporary restraining order against Robin Thicke after the actress accused her ex-husband of domestic violence amid their ongoing custody dispute.

Per court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Patton, 41, asked the court on Wednesday for a restraining order that would keep Thicke, 39, at least 100 yards away from her, their 6-year-old son Julian and her mother, Joyce Patton.

“[Patton] is in reasonable apprehension of imminent serious bodily injury to herself and the child,” the actress’ attorney, Larry Bakman, wrote in the request.

Throughout Patton’s shocking declaration, she accuses her ex of physical and emotional abuse, infidelity and drug and alcohol addiction.

Thicke’s lawyer Angela Pierce di Donato responded to the allegations in a statement to PEOPLE: “Paula never reported any domestic violence until she was in a position of contempt by violating the custody orders. DCFS asked both Paula and Robin to drug test. Robin agreed and submitted to his test, but Paula refused to test. Infidelity has nothing to do with custody. She is attempting to throw anything at him to hurt him, but Robin’s focus is their son.”

In Patton’s 52-page request for a domestic violence restraining order, Patton alleged, “Robin had a temper and could be volatile at times,” detailing a number of apparent abusive episodes.

One such episode was around their son’s third birthday in April of 2013, when Patton, according to documents, said she “observed him to have inappropriate contact with the masseuse” and “Robin became so enraged that I had interrupted his ‘massage’ that he broke down the locked door.” Shortly after, the declaration reads, “Robin became physically violent with me. He pushed me down and kicked me.” Following the incident, the restraining order request asserts they went to one marriage counseling session, and “Robin again admitted to me that he had a drug and alcohol problem and that it was affecting his behavior.”

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Patton alleged in the documents that Thicke became violent while they were at the Cannes Film Festival that same year, saying, “we began fighting. Robin hit me with a closed fist to my upper body and then pushed me onto the ground.”

Patton said that Thicke’s behavior; cheating (after returning from his tour in 2013, “he came home and told me that he had unprotected sex with seven other women,” Patton’s declaration reads); and drug use led to their 2014 separation and the end of their marriage.

The actress said a breaking point came around the MTV VMAs in 2013, after which she alleges in the declaration that she found Thicke in bed with two naked women.

“I wanted to leave Robin but at the same time, I was incredibly fearful of angering him, and I did not want our son to grow up in a broken home. I was afraid of Robin’s volatility, his retribution,” her declaration reads. “He would often threaten that he would leave both of us penniless given IRS tax liens incurred by him during the course of the marriage.”

The pair finalized their divorce in 2015, and per the terms of Patton and Thicke’s physical custody agreement, Thicke was granted overnights with Julian every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Patton said they co-parented amicably until recently. Earlier this month, Patton filed documents in which she said at the time she is “become concerned about [Robin]’s drinking and drug use, as well as the forms of punishment he is using to discipline Julian” over the past year — specifically, spankings that Patton believes were too hard and made Julian “scared” of his dad.

“The Court issued temporary orders today based solely on paperwork,” Thicke’s lawyer Angela Pierce di Donato previously told PEOPLE. “The Department of Community & Family Services will be closing the physical abuse allegation against Robin as ‘Unfounded,’ but has added an emotional abuse allegation against Paula, which remains under investigation. We believe that DCFS sees the damage that Paula has done to Julian and will take appropriate action to protect him.”

However, a source close to the situation maintained to PEOPLE Thursday that the investigation is ongoing, and any reports to the contrary are false. “The DCFS doesn’t close an investigation into one parent and open one on another,” the source said. “There is no new investigation into Paula.” DCFS declined to comment citing confidentiality laws but said any investigation includes an assessment of the entire family.

Patton further explained her concerns over Thicke’s time with Julian in her restraining order request.

“Given Robin’s history of hitting me with a closed fist, pushing me onto the ground and kicking me,” her declaration reads, “I had no doubt he was capable of hitting Julian, particularly after having used cocaine, alcohol or whatever other substances with which he is presently involved.”

Patton also claims that on Jan. 19, Thicke tried to pick up Julian at her mother’s house and approached her in a way that made her “in immediate apprehension” for her safety. She says two DCFS workers brought Julian out to speak with Thicke for about 10-15 minutes.

Patton claims when Julian returned to the house, he was crying and upset that he had to go with Thicke. In the docs, Patton described Julian as being “extremely upset” and saying, “I don’t want to go!” She says Julian asked her if they could call 911.

Once the DCFS workers left, Patton claims Thicke began banging on the door to her mother’s house and demanded that Julian come outside. Patton claims Julian kept saying “911” over and over again and eventually, her mother called the police.

Patton says her attorney then called Thicke’s attorney to say the police had been called. Thicke’s attorney called back a short time later, Patton says, to say that Thicke was going to leave.

Thicke disputes that version of events in his own declaration filed with the court on Jan. 25. He claims Julian was ready to go with him, but Patton would not allow it and Patton’s mother called the cops on him.

Thicke says that rather than subject his son “to any sort of scene,” he just left, rather than create “a disturbance of any kind.”

Thicke says he has not seen his son since that day.

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Julian’s nanny for the last six years, Adrienne Levy, also filed a declaration with the court on Jan. 25 supporting Thicke. She says Patton broached the topic of Thicke spanking Julian on Dec. 18 of last year. Levy says she told Patton that she has “never found any spankings to be excessive in any way.”

Levy went on to describe the spankings as “unremarkable, token spankings that are sparsely given.”

Levy also claims that Patton became upset with her when Levy would not tell Patton’s lawyers that she thought Thicke was an unfit father. Levy says Patton called Levy’s refusal “a betrayal” and that Patton felt she could no longer trust Levy.

Previously, another nanny, Isabel Garcia, filed a declaration in court supporting Patton on Jan. 12. She said that she had witnessed Thicke smoke marijuana when Julian was in his house and Julian became upset when he had to stay alone with his dad.

On Thursday, the judge gave Patton sole legal and physical custody of Julian until the next hearing on Feb. 24., with supervised visitation for Thicke three days a week at a neutral location.

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