Paul McCartney Throwback Photos for His Birthday

The beloved Brit has always been full of charm

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Paul McCartney

At the young age of 6, with 8-year-old brother Mike, in a photo from 1948.

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Paul McCartney
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty

Holding a Beatles fan magazine in 1964.

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9th November 1971: Former Beatle Paul McCartney with his wife Linda (1941 - 1998), his father James and his stepmother Angela.
Michael Fresco/Evening Standard/Getty

With wife Linda, his father James and his stepmother Angela in 1971.

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The Silver Beatles
Michael Ochs Archive/Getty

Rocking out with the Silver Beatles — an early version of the band — in Liverpool in 1960. The group included future Beatles John Lennon (left) and George Harrison (right).

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Paul McCartney and his wife Linda
Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty

A young McCartney with Linda at the 1971 Grammy Awards in Hollywood, where he picked up an honor for "Let It Be."

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Paul McCartney with Linda and children.
James Garrett/NY Daily News Archive via Getty

With Linda and two of their children in a glam moment in N.Y.C.

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Photo of Paul McCARTNEY and BEATLES
Fiona Adams/Redferns

Topped off in an undated photo in London.

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The Beatles, left to right, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and John Lennon
The Beatles. Getty

The Beatles arriving in London in 1964.

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12th May 1971: Paul McCartney, singer, songwriter and bass player for the recently disbanded Beatles, with his wife Linda (1941 - 1998) and their two children, Mary (left) and Heather (right) at Gatwick Airport.
Central Press/Getty

With Linda and two of their children at London's Gatwick Airport in 1971.

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Paul McCartney playing the trumpet, 1968.

Delighting his dog Martha during a performance in the U.K.

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Beatles In LA
Express/Archive Photos/Getty

Clowning around with his bandmates at a home in the Hollywood Hills in 1964.

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Paul McCartney
Michael Ward/Getty

Living large in an undated photo.

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Paul McCartney during Wings era with his brother Mike McGear, portrait, London, 1974
Michael Putland/Getty

With his brother Mike in London in 1974.

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Paul McCartney And Family In Brisbane
Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty

Cuddling koalas in Brisbane, Australia, in 1975.

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Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney (1941 - 1998), Jimmy McCulloch, Denny Laine and Geoff Britton of Wings in 1974
Michael Putland/Getty

With Linda and Wings bandmates Jimmy McCulloch, Denny Laine and Geoff Britton in 1974.

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