Paul McCartney Lost the Songs That Jimmy Fallon Once Sent Him: 'They Were Good'

"If I can ever find those tracks, we can do something together," the former Beatles member promised Fallon

paul mccartney
Paul McCartney. Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The collaboration between Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon we never knew we needed just might be lost forever.

Speaking with Fallon, 46, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, McCartney, 78, revealed that he unfortunately lost some song ideas that the late-night host once sent him.

"I don't know if you remember, you once sent me a couple of ideas you had for songs — no, you did!" McCartney says in a clip exclusively shared with PEOPLE, as Fallon jokingly covered his face.

"I'm still feverishly looking for them," the former Beatles member tells the late-night host, admitting that he'd lost them.

" 'Cause they were good," McCartney says. "And I lost 'em. But they were good — not that good, but they were good."

"But with your help, anything, I'll take anything," Fallon responds, admitting that he had had "a few beverages" before sending the song ideas over to the star.

"And then the next day I go, 'What are you talking about? You can't send Paul McCartney songs,' " Fallon adds with a laugh.

"If I can ever find those tracks, we can do something together," McCartney promises Fallon. "I'm not sure I'm going to be able to find them."

McCartney, whose new album McCartney III comes out on Friday, also spoke with Fallon about collaborating with other artists — including Kanye West and Rihanna on the song "Four Five Seconds."

"Sometimes I let it happen, I let it come to me," McCartney says of working with other musicians. "When someone gets in touch and says, 'I'd like to work with you,' that's more likely. That's what happened with Kanye, you know, it came through the grapevine: 'Are you interested in working with me?' So I said, 'Wow, yeah, I'll give that a shot.' "

McCartney says the experience was "very interesting" — but almost didn't recognize his own contribution to the final version of the track, which came out in 2015.

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney. David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

"I didn't even know I was making a song," he says. "It just went on for a couple of days, and it was only two months later when I got a track sent to me. I didn't think I'd done anything, but suddenly I got sent 'Four Five Seconds' with Rihanna."

"I like that one," he says of the collaboration, adding, "I had to say, 'Am I on this record?' ... 'That's you doing that guitar.' They'd sped it up so it wasn't recognizable."

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