Paris Jackson Talks 'Loud,' 'Fun' New Single 'Bandaid,' Says the 'Goal' Is a Full-Length Album

Earlier this month, the musician also kicked off a tour with the Silversun Pickups

Paris Jackson Talks 'Loud,' 'Fun' New Single 'Bandaid,' Says the 'Goal' Is a Full-Length Album
Paris Jackson. Photo: NAS BOGADO | @Nashavefun

Paris Jackson is back with new music.

On Friday, the musician — who is the daughter of the late Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe — dropped her new single, "bandaid," which she describes to PEOPLE as having a "harder" sound than her previously released singles "just you" and "lighthouse."

"I used the same [sound] mixer, so there is definitely a cohesiveness with the first two singles, but this one is a bit more influenced by bands like the Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Interpol," she says. "It's a little bit louder, it's more fun. But in terms of the songwriting aspect, it's still the same acoustic folk approach that I always take when I'm writing."

Back in 2021, Jackson, 24, teased the song in a video on her Instagram, writing in the caption, "i told myself i'd never use bar chords and here i am writing songs with them.. rusty playing on a dusty guitar."

For Jackson, she says there's "no specific time" when songwriting inspiration might hit.

"Sometimes it's in the middle of the day, sometimes it's late at night," she says. "My process is just, I come up with a progression that is decent, that isn't too similar to other ones that I've used, and then I hum until I find a good melody. Then the lyrics just kind of happen."

As for her poetic style of writing, she explains, "All of my favorite songwriters are poets, so a lot of them follow the same iambic pentameter and rhyme patterns of standard poetry. So, I think that's probably where I get it from."

The trio of singles that are now out are just a taste of what's still to come from Jackson, who says a full-length album is on the horizon.

"That's the goal," she says. "I have enough [songs] that are already recorded and ready to go that would make an album. In terms of how many [songs] I have written, I don't even know how many I have. Dozens, maybe."

Paris Jackson Teases 'Loud,' 'Fun' New Single 'Bandaid'
Paris Jackson "bandaid" cover art. Ashley Pawlak (Republic Records)

Jackson first embarked on her solo musical path after her 2020 breakup from ex-Soundflowers bandmate Gabriel Glenn. That same year, she landed her first record deal and released her debut album wilted, a record about heartbreak and pain.

In the three years since wilted, Jackson — who also released her surprise EP the lost in early 2022 — says "everything" has changed. She quickly went from playing "quiet, acoustic shows" to "touring with bigger bands and playing for bigger audiences."

"Even the process for the single releases has been different," she says. "The only thing that's the same is probably the writing process."

Whenever Jackson is looking for feedback on her songs, she typically turns to her musician friends. "If they're willing to hear me out, then I'll send that to them," she says.

While her brothers Prince, 26, and Bigi (formerly known as Blanket), 21, aren't musicians, she says she'll send them her "stuff" just "because they're curious to hear it."

Earlier this month, Jackson kicked off a tour with the Silversun Pickups that will run through March. She's also doing several festival shows, including Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee, in June.

"I'm absolutely over the moon," she says of her tour dates. "So excited."

Though Jackson previously opened up in 2020 about her struggle with stage presence in an episode of her former Facebook Watch series Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn, she makes clear now that "perfection" was never her "goal."

"That's unrealistic," she says. "There are moments where I've definitely found things that work for me on stage, and I try to keep that in mind for the next performance. There's definitely a lot of mistakes that I make that I learn from and make sure not to do in the next show, but I'm still so green and new at this. I'm still kind of just putting my hours in."

While on the road, Jackson says she also tries to keep her physical and mental health a priority.

"I try and stay active and go for really long walks if I have time," she says. "I get along really well with my band. They're some of my closest friends, so I don't really feel homesick, but I definitely continue to check in with people back home. I also do prayer, meditation and things like that."

paris jackson
Paris Jackson. John Salangsang/Shutterstock

One thing she admits she can improve upon is keeping up with her vocal warm ups.

"That's something I know I need to get back into the routine of," she says. "But, I mean, I don't really consider myself a singer. I just write songs and then sing them. A singer I see as someone who does really phenomenal vocal runs and really demonstrates what they're capable of. I don't really do that."

Beyond music, Jackson says she's "open-minded" when it comes to taking on new modeling and acting projects (she's previously starred in campaigns for brands like Skims and KVD Beauty and has made appearances in shows like American Horror Stories).

But no matter what the future holds, "I try and enjoy every moment regardless of where I'm at," she says. "Even if things are tough, I think it's important to still find things to be grateful for. There are more things to be grateful for than to complain about, I think."

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