"[Paris Hilton has taught me] the importance of setting a good example as a strong woman, and being able to uplift other women," Paris Jackson said
paris jackson, paris hilton
Paris Jackson and Paris Hilton
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Paris Jackson is glad she has Paris Hilton in her life.

In a conversation with Hilton's mother Kathy for C Magazine, Jackson opened up about her relationship with her family's friends and why she admires the elder Paris so much.

"I absolutely adore her. I admire her strength. She's insanely smart, insanely funny. It's really nice having someone there who has been around the block," the 22-year-old told the magazine in PEOPLE's first look. "She's done this for a long time and she's clearly so good at maneuvering her way through the industry. It's nice to know that I can call her when I hit a crossroad. We have a lot of similar experiences."

The daughter of Michael Jackson then said she went through "some very, very similar experiences" when she attended a different reformatory school in Utah. (Hilton, 39, opened up about facing physical and emotional abuse in her This Is Paris documentary last year, and testified about her experience in front of a Utah court earlier this month.)

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson
Left: Credit: @daniellelevitt/C Magazine
Right: Credit: @daniellelevitt/C Magazine

"I went through some very, very similar experiences with those kind of teen places," Jackson said. "She's been through a lot and it's amazing to see her come out of the other end … a diamond."

"[Hilton has taught me] the importance of setting a good example as a strong woman, and being able to uplift other women," she added. "We don't really have as great a head start as some men."

Kathy, meanwhile, added that she loved that Paris "doesn't talk the talk" but instead "she walks the walk."

"A lot of young people just say what they think is cool to say of the minute. She really cares," Kathy, 61, said.

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Paris Jackson
Credit: @daniellelevitt/C Magazine

Jackson also spoke about living in the age of feminism and human rights — and although she thinks she'd want to live in the 1960s since "people call me a hippie" — she's happy to be alive in the current era.

"I am happy to be alive during this time of human rights and feminism. I feel like we are on the brink of a huge awakening," she said. "I'm also alive at the same time as my musical heroes, and I got to work with them on this album."

"I don't really see the point of having such a [big social media] platform if it's just going to be about me, me, me the whole time," she said elsewhere. "I want to leave this place a better world than when I came into it, use my platform to uplift causes, whether it be the environment, animal rights, human rights, feminism. … I want to play my part."

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Kathy spoke about the Hiltons and Jackson being close over the years, saying that "the name Paris was something that [me and Michael Jackson] joked about and played around when we were little."

"Paris has really helped me when I've been down," Kathy said. "She's a real helper. She's got a big heart."