April 23, 2018 02:10 PM

Paris Jackson is hitting back at her relatives who seemingly don’t have her best interest at heart.

Over the weekend, a report surfaced that Michael Jackson‘s only daughter, 20, is out of control and headed for a “serious meltdown.”

A relative told New York Post‘s Page Six the model and actress has “lost it,” but Jackson — who’s previously opened up about her struggles with self-abuse, drug addiction and depression — clapped back Monday morning at the unnamed family member on her Instagram.

“So apparently people think I’m about to die,” she said, referencing the report. “My therapist texted me about it laughing though, so that’s good. So I guess to the family members that are talking to all of these news outlets saying they’re worried for me: When is the last time you called me?”

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Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Prince isn’t worried. Why?” she continued. “Because we talk all the time. We hang out. If you’re worried about me, call me.”

Jackson’s aunt La Toya Jackson also supported her niece last week in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, telling the outlet Paris has become “a remarkable woman” and “done very, very well” for herself.

“I’m very proud of her and very excited and very happy,” said La Toya.

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In an interview with Teen Vogue last year, Jackson reflected on becoming a target for haters. “People can be really cruel. I’ve learned that no matter what you do, you will always receive some kind of ridicule for it,” she told the magazine. “It doesn’t matter if your heart is in the right place — someone will always have a reason to hate you.

“But that being said, I’ve also learned that it really doesn’t matter and that as long as I follow my heart and continue trying to do what’s right, I’m on the right path,” she continued.

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