All about 24-year-old singer Brooker who hails from England and is baring her soulful sound on new single "Naked to Strangers"

By Nicole Sands
March 30, 2018 07:05 PM

Daniela Brooker knows what it takes to make it in the music industry: “creating music 24/7,” even on her days off.

The singer, who goes by her stage name Brooker and just released her new single “Naked to Strangers”, began working toward her dream at the young age of 13 when she begged her father to score her a studio session with a local producer “because I was desperate to record.”

Working tirelessly in the studio for years to hone her sound, Brooker started seeing the fruits of her labor at age 20 when she was discovered by music manager Paul “Papa” Kevin Jonas Sr. — father to The Jonas Brothers. It was then that she took her first step towards stardom.

“Meeting Kevin Jonas [was] my first real opportunity to take it to the next level,” she tells PEOPLE of working with the manager who helped shepherd his sons Nick, Kevin, Jr. and Joe to superstardom.

Born half-Venezuelan, half-English and raised in London, Brooker’s soulful music incorporates “the amazing English artists that I have listened to growing up” with the “Latin rhythms I always heard at home.”

“I truly feel like I am influenced by both cultures,” she says. “I also wrote a lot of lyrics about the way you feel growing up with two identities.”

She continues, “I always write from personal experience or something I see around me. I like to make sure I’m very honest so people listening can know that we all go through the same things.”


And what topic is most prevalent in the minds of many 24-year-olds? “Relationships, of course,” she says.

On “Naked to Strangers” Brooker croons about love lost, pondering how a deep romantic connection can disappear so easily.

“As obvious as it is to write about it’s the one subject that we all connect with no matter where you are from,” she says about focusing on relationships in her lyrics. “I always write a lot about being in your 20s and the mistakes and learning curves we go through every day.”

With “no family in the industry,” Brooker says getting her foot in the door took more than just a few steps, but it’s the advice to “be persistent and work extremely hard” that’s always led her down the path to success.

“I have been performing since the age of 3 and releasing music since I was 13,” she says. “It has taken a long time but I have definitely learned that every day is a step closer.”

As more and more people hear her music and know her name, she says her family keeps her head in a humble space, not letting her forget how lucky she is to be where she’s at.

“I have an amazing family that think what I do is funny and my siblings like to joke around a lot,” Brooker says. “I think it’s important that they keep it real with me and put things into perspective.”

“I definitely haven’t reached my goals yet but the journey itself is pretty amazing,” she adds.

Brooker’s singles “Reckless” and “Naked To Strangers” are out now.