Olivia Rodrigo Embodies Reckless Teen in Nostalgic 'Traitor' Music Video: Watch

The music video to "Traitor" follows "Brutal," which was released in August from Rodrigo's debut album Sour

Olivia Rodrigo fans are in their feels and they didn't even see it coming.

Rodrigo surprised her fans with a music video for her hit single "Traitor" off of her debut album Sour on Thursday — and they're raving.

The singer, 18, first notified her fans of the drop in an Instagram post of photos from the music video and captioned it "surprise! traitor mv out now! 💗💔💗."

Olivia Rodrigo - traitor (Music Video)
Olivia Rodrigo. Olivia Rodrigo/YouTube

In the music video, fans can once again experience Rodrigo in her creative element with esthetic vintage visuals.

This time, however, Rodrigo sings about the pain of a past lover leaving her for someone else immediately after a breakup. As she sings her somber lyrics, she rides in the back of a glowing pick-up truck with friends, breaks into a school pool and football field and hangs out in an arcade.

In the end, Rodrigo walks through a door in the middle of a galaxy and shuts it behind her.

Shortly after the release, Rodrigo's fanbase flooded social media in appreciation.

One fan wrote on Twitter, "due to unforeseen circumstances, aka olivia rodrigo's traitor music video, i will be emotionally unavailable for the next 3-5 business days #traitorMV."

This music video follows her early 2000s inspired video for her single "Brutal," which she also surprised dropped in August.

During a conversation published in Rolling Stone's Musicians on Musicians issue last week, the singer chatted with Alanis Morissette and said that she no longer reads about herself.

"I've taken the same route as you have and just don't look at it," she said to Morissette, who also doesn't read stuff written about her. "I don't think anyone is meant to look at that stuff. I don't think we as human beings are supposed to know what thousands of people think about what we wore or what we said or how we talk. I think having separation is really important — realizing that that's not real life, you know what I mean? That world that is created online, it's just one facet of this very big human existence."

Olivia Rodrigo - traitor (Music Video)
Olivia Rodrigo. Olivia Rodrigo/YouTube

Earlier this month, Rodrigo also revealed on CBS Sunday Morning that she's been seeing a therapist for the past two years to prioritize her mental health — and said it has made all the difference.

"I hadn't really started going until I was 16, and that was a really big, life-changing moment, and I've learned so much about myself," she said to the outlet.

Olivia Rodrigo - traitor (Music Video)
Olivia Rodrigo. Olivia Rodrigo/YouTube

She also added that she recognizes that there was often a stigma associated with seeking help over mental health-related issues, but pushing past that was of the utmost importance.

"Sometimes people are like, 'Oh, you don't need that, you have so much, your life is so great, what are your problems?'" she said. "I think that's definitely a thing that sometimes older people can do to younger people, too, is kind of trivialize what they're going through just because they're like, 'Eh, they're fine, they're just kids, they'll get through it.' But it feels so real when you're in it, and it's so valid, and just because it's not an adult problem or you don't have to pay taxes yet or whatever doesn't mean it doesn't hurt."

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