"I go to honk it and the horn doesn't work on my mom's car," she recalled — and that was the end of her third try
Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo
| Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty

Olivia Rodrigo's hit song may be called "Driver's License," but the star was forced to take the scenic route to pass her actual test.

In a recent interview on PopCrush Nights with hosts Kayla Thomas and Nicole Murray, the 18-year-old hitmaker told the hilarious story about the roundabout way she took to get herself on the road.

In all, Rodrigo attempted to get her license four times before it was official. Her first attempt was canceled due to COVID-19 and her second was deterred because of her filming schedule for High School Musical The Musical: The Series.

The third try was not the charm for Rodrigo, whose hit "Driver's License" has just raked in its eighth week in the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

"I finally get there and I fly out from Utah to L.A. just to take the test because I had to take it in California," she told hosts Thomas and Murray. "I'm sitting in the car and the guy like comes by and he's checking [everything]."

That's when it was discovered that her mom's car horn was not working and the test administrator deemed the vehicle legally unsafe.

"I go to honk it and the horn doesn't work on my mom's car," she recalled.

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Luckily for Rodrigo, her fourth test went swimmingly and she was able to secure her driver's license.

While guesting on PopCrush Nights, the hosts told the star that she was being dubbed the "It Girl" of the year — and the Disney actress reacted modestly.

"That's crazy," she said. "I haven't heard that before. That's super cool and if they want to call me that, that's amazing. I guess I don't think of myself as that but that's really flattering."