The two best friends reveal how their friendship has helped their 'romantic' sides

By Brianne Tracy
October 23, 2016 09:46 AM

If you think meeting the parents is tough, try meeting the best friend.

Any of Olivia Holt‘s suitors have to get the stamp of approval from none other than her best friend, Jordan Fisher (and vice versa)!

“Her boyfriend … he was nervous to meet me,” Fisher tells PEOPLE Now.

“Of course, at the beginning he was like ‘Why are you hanging out with this dude?'” Fisher says. “Olivia’s like, ‘You need to understand how important he is’ and that kind of thing.”

The longtime friends first met when Fisher was 13 and Holt was 10 in the apartment complex they were both living in at the time, and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

“We’ve grown up in this industry together,” says Fisher.

Fisher credits their friendship lasting over the years to authenticity. They’re not afraid to be honest with each other about anything, even when one is faced with the embarrassing moment of having spinach in their teeth. “You need that, especially in this industry,” says Fisher.

The Disney Channel duo often looks to each other for dating advice, and Holt describes them both as romantics.

“We both just gush about love all the time,” she says. “Truly, we just sit there and we watch chick flicks all day long.”

Fisher admits that his platonic relationship with Holt has even helped him in his romantic relationships.

“It is very important to have deep friendships of the opposite sex to learn so much about yourself and what you need as a human,” says Fisher of their platonic relationship.

And it seems Holt’s boyfriend has passed the test.

Says Holt: “Now they’re total buds. They love it.”