May 20, 2018 04:15 PM

Offset has spoken out after being injured in a car crash in Atlanta earlier this week.

The Migos rapper — whose real name is Kiari Kendall Cephus — shared scary photos of himself in the hospital on Instagram Saturday, showing his neck in a brace and blood on the back of his hands and arms. Pictures also highlighted the immense damage to his car.

“This is why I thank God Every day I could have been dead from this accident thank you all for you prayers all I can say is (G O D I S R E A L G E T W I T H H I M ) H E S A V E S L I V E S,” he captioned the post.

The photos came as Offset’s fiancée Cardi B, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s first child together, addressed the situation in a now-deleted tweet.

“Crazy how Set had to swerve and hit a tree cause a crackhead was in the middle of the road trying to get hit or kill himself, but God do unexplainable things!” she wrote, according to Billboard. “Luckily a man was walking by, walked him home and just vanished. The Lord is real.”

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TMZ reported that Offset was taken to the hospital with minor injuries on Wednesday night. The outlet added that Cardi B joined the rapper at the hospital once she learned of the accident. She later tweeted, “sooo grateful and  happy today. God be giving messages in the weirdest way. I love you Offset.”

The outlet later reported that Offset was back in the studio on Friday, where he was still wearing his hospital bracelet.

Cardi B and Offset
John Parra/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank

Over the past couple of weeks, the couple has found themselves to be at the center of quite a few controversies.

Earlier this month following the Met Gala, a verbal dispute broke out after a fan approached the rapper for an autograph outside the Mark Hotel in New York, police told PEOPLE. The encounter then allegedly escalated to a physical altercation between the fan — who was later taken to the hospital — and three members of Cardi B’s entourage. The fan has since sued Cardi B and Offset, according to TMZ.

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Later that night, the rapper took to Twitter to address the situation, writing in a now-deleted tweet that as a pregnant woman she has to be careful and asking fans to respect her space.

“If you check my tag pics, I take a lot of pics with fans. Some people are not fans and sometimes, I don’t want no pics and I simply don’t want people too close cause of [my pregnancy],” she wrote. “I don’t know what are people’s intentions sooo I be careful. Why can’t people respect that?”

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