Nicki Minaj Claps Back at 'Sadistic' Haters: 'People Just Want to See Someone at the Top Fall'

"The average person wouldn't be able to deal with it, my level of ridicule," the rapper explains

Photo: Dennis Leupold

Nicki Minaj has a message to anybody out there who’s rooting for her fall from pop culture grace: you’re giving into one of humanity’s most unattractive qualities.

In a preview of her cover story for Wonderland’s Autumn 2018 issue, Minaj, 35, opens up about the fickle nature of celebrity — and how some people are actively hoping the Queen rapper gets dethroned.

“I’ve been at the top of this totem pole for a very long time,” she tells the glossy. “Sometimes people just want to see someone who’s been at the top fall, just to see if it can happen.”

“It’s a sadistic part of being human.”

Dennis Leupold
Dennis Leupold

While discussing the difficulties of not letting your self-confidence be influenced by the poisoning effect of negative public opinion, Minaj admitted that “the average person wouldn’t be able to deal with it, my level of ridicule.”

“Most people mentally aren’t strong enough to handle this pressure,” she added.

Dennis Leupold
Dennis Leupold

However, there was one admission Minaj made during the interview that may completely shock fans: she wants to start a family… quickly!

“I’ve got to get married first then I’ll have a child,” Minaj remarked, teasing, “I might be closer than people think actually, I love children.”

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“I’m not going to put that off for much longer,” she added.

Minaj’s comments come just two days after Minaj sent relationship rumors into overdrive by sharing a photograph of herself and racing driver Lewis Hamilton on the back on an ATV in Dubai.

“Caribbean tingz what I on. Me & Lewis gettin paper what ink dry on. #Versace,” Minaj captioned the shot, which shows her sitting on the back of the ATV with Hamilton at the wheel.

Their adventurous outing came just a few weeks after Minaj and Hamilton were spotted together at the TommyXLewis Launch Party at Public Arts during New York Fashion Week.

During the event, the duo posed for photos together in which Minaj placed her hand on Hamilton’s chest.

Tommy Hilfiger x Lewis Hamilton launch party, Inside, New York, USA - 10 Sep 2018
David X Prutting/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

It’s unclear as to whether or not Minaj and Hamilton are fast friends or something more but many have speculated they could be in a relationship.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Minaj did reveal there’s a new man in her life.

“Well, there was a new boy but he and I kind of fell back a little bit. And then…” she said with a laugh. “And then there’s a newer… yeah, fairly new. He’s been around for a couple wigs. But I don’t have a boy.”

Minaj’s full cover story for Wonderland’s Autumn 2018 issue will be released this weekend.

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