Daniel Adair is the victim of identity theft after a Florida man allegedly used his information to purchase $25,000 of music equipment
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Daniel Adair, drummer for the Canadian pop-rock juggernaut Nickelback, is the victim of identity theft after a Florida man allegedly used his information to try to purchase nearly $25,000 of drum microphones.

Lee Howard Koenig, 45, was arrested on Tuesday by Port St. Lucie police on two felony fraud-related charges.

According to an affidavit obtained by PEOPLE, the investigation began on Jan. 19 when a security specialist informed the police that Adair “had his identity used to fraudulently order drum parts from a company in Vienna, Austria.”

Adair, 42, was made aware of the situation when the band’s business representative contacted him to confirm that he had made the sizable purchase worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Authorities determined that the email address used for the transaction did not belong to Adair. The IP address used for the purchase was linked to Koenig’s Port St. Lucie address on Southeast Lakewood St.

“It was also noted that Daniel Adair does not live in Florida,” the documents state.

The beleaguered musician did some Internet sleuthing and discovered that Koenig was a drummer in three local bands, and his drum setup was nearly identical to his own.

Credit: St. Lucie County Jail

Police executed a search warrant at Koenig’s residence Tuesday. After initially speaking to authorities at the scene, Koenig requested a lawyer when questioned about any additional musicians or groups he may have impersonated in the past.

Koenig was taken to St. Lucie County Jail and released on $18,750 bond, a jail official confirmed to PEOPLE. At this time it remains unclear whether he has entered a plea or retained an attorney.

Adair first joined Nickelback in 2005, after a three-year stint in the band 3 Doors Down.

  • Reporting by K.C. BAKER