Nick Lachey Pokes Fun at His Signature Pose in Silly TikTok: 'This Is Still My Only Move'

Just like 98 Degrees with track “Where Do You Wanna Go,” Lachey’s moves are making a comeback!

Nick Lachey
Photo: Nick Lachey/instagram

Some things never change, right Nick?

On Friday, Nick Lachey shared a TikTok on his Instagram, poking fun at himself for his signature pose: mouth wide open, palms open and a surprised face.

"All these years in front of a camera and somehow this is still my only move……" Lachey, 47, captioned the silly video.

In the clip, Lachey posed for a camera, before showing several other pictures from his 98 Degrees days where he made the exact same move.

Though he laughed at himself, his wife Vanessa was here for it!

"Hands for dayzzzz 😏," she commented.

The video from Lachey comes just a few weeks after 98 Degrees — comprising Nick, Jeff Timmons, Justin Jeffre and Drew Lachey — made a comeback with the release of the track "Where Do You Wanna Go."

"You gotta find the right song. When we first came back, we didn't know what that was. We probably were overthinking a little bit and not being true to ourselves completely. With this song, it was a no-brainer," Timmons told Houston Chronicle. "This sounds like a 98 Degrees song with a fresh twist, fresh production. We just thought it sounded like a summer hit."

The group reunited during the pandemic and recorded several songs during it.

"We're still able to sound like 98 Degrees, but they are current-sounding songs. In the past, we've experimented with some stuff, and it almost seemed like we were going too far away from who we were as singers," Drew told the newspaper. "This one seems to be sitting right in the pocket and has a really great feel to it."

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The summer comeback of the group also comes several months after Lachey won The Masked Singer.

"We watched the premiere episode together and I was holding Brooklyn and I think I got two or three notes out of my mouth and she pointed to me, she goes, 'Daddy,' " Lachey told PEOPLE then. "They recognized my voice immediately."

He also spoke to PEOPLE about what it's like to be back with his group.

"It's kind of awesome. I never would have guessed that 25 years after we got signed and started working on our first record, we'd still be making music together, we'd still be performing together and people would care," Lachey said. "We all feel really, really blessed. It's also more fun. I think we sound better than we ever have. We enjoy each other more than we ever have."

"And I think our show is better than it's ever been. So, I'm just incredibly lucky to be able to still do this and do it at a high level and people still care," he added.

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