Nick Jonas Says Injury Will 'Absolutely Not' Interfere with Hosting BBMAs: 'Nothing's Holding Me Back'

He's still game to host the show... and two special people might perform with him

A cracked rib won't get in the way of Nick Jonas' hosting duties at Sunday's BBMAs.

Talking to PEOPLE (the TV Show!)'s Jeremy Parsons, the "Spaceman" singer, 28, shared an update on his health following a trip to the hospital over the weekend after cracking his rib during a bicycle accident.

"I'm feeling really good, all things considered. Day to day the improvement has been great. It's one of those frustrating injuries because there's really nothing you can do about it except just wait it out, but could have been a lot worse and I feel very lucky that it was all good in the end," he told PEOPLE about his injury, which happened while filming Olympic Dreams Featuring Jonas Brothers. "It was intense but I'm here and I feel great."

Will the injury interfere with his hosting gig at the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday? "Absolutely not," he said, before sharing he's filming The Voice finale two days later. "That's kind of my attitude about everything: nothing's going to hold me back."

2021 Billboard Music Awards held at the Microsoft Theater on May 23, 2021
Nick Jonas. Todd Williamson/NBC/Getty

Jonas teased the awards show as a "celebration of the year as music" filled with "an extra layer of something special."

"There's a real joy in the air and you can feel that. I mean obviously things will be a little bit different this year with all the precautions being taken by the BBMAs but I think just adds an extra layer of something special, something to remember, and we're going to bring some great performances," he said. "Obviously a really unique set and design and some surprises. So I think this is a must-watch for everybody."

Oh... and fans of the Jonas Brothers should watch the show pretty closely.

"There are surprises and I'm withholding one very big surprise that may or may not include me and two other guys," he teased. "I can't say."

2021 Billboard Music Awards held at the Microsoft Theater on May 23, 2021
Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. Todd Williamson/NBC/Getty

Jonas' BBMAs gig will come just days after the group announced a U.S. tour alongside Kelsea Ballerini.

"My brothers and I are going back out on tour, the Remember This Tour, starting in August. We've obviously been dying to get back in front of our fans but have had to while because of all the things but now we're here, we're turning a big corner and we're going to bring our friend Kelsea Ballerini out to be our special guest on the tour and it's going to be outdoors," he said. "Just what a great way to welcome in hopefully a new era. I just can't wait to get back on stage."

The bros are set to hit the road August through October with their tour's final show at the iconic Hollywood Bowl.

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