Nick Jonas has a surprising Christmas confession to make this year — and it has to do with Santa Claus
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Nick Jonas has a surprising Christmas confession to make this year: he never believed in Santa Claus.

“I was never given a lump of coal, thankfully. I also never really believed in Santa Claus to be honest, so I wasn’t as easy to trick into thinking that it was real, you know, and [that] I would get the coal if I was bad,” Jonas told Music Choice as part of their Sounds of the Seasons Live TV series — which premiers Nov. 20 On Demand.

Sounds of the Seasons Live is an early holiday gift to all those who believe Christmas really is the wonderful time of the year, featuring live holiday performances and exclusive clips from artists like Niall Horan, Macklemore and Camila Cabello sharing their favorite holiday traditions.

And don’t worry, not every musician featured on the Music Choice series has such a bah humbug view about the holiday to share — Kelly Clarkson couldn’t stop gushing about how much she loved Christmas music.

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“I personally love Christmas music so much because it’s okay to be cheesy, it’s okay to be nostalgic,” she said. “I want songs that make me want to go Christmas shopping or make gingerbread cookies or hot cocoa or sit by a fire — all those things that kind of envelop Christmas.”

The “Stronger” singer also revealed that making a Christmas album isn’t just fun, it also gives you a lot of artistic freedom.

“I loved making my Christmas album [2013’s Wrapped in Red] too because, although I wasn’t able to make all my albums exactly how I wanted, the Christmas album was free reign ’cause nobody was worried about radio and nobody was worried about a hit,” she continued. “You’re able to kind of do what you want and have a lot of freedom when you make a Christmas record.”

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