Nick Jonas Knows What Priyanka Chopra Wore on Their First Date — Down to Her Lipstick Color

While playing "The Newlywed Game," the couple also revealed Jonas' celebrity crush as well as an intimate detail about their alone time together

So in love!

Just hours after PEOPLE exclusively announced that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had tied the knot in India, the couple got close and cuddly and showed off how well they know each other in a series of videos published by Vogue.

Taking bets on who would end up being the winner of “The Newlywed Game,” the couple both admitted that Jonas would likely reign victorious.

“You’re a terrible person,” the Quantico star, 36, joked after the 26-year-old singer shared that he felt pretty confident she was “going to lose.”

After easily breezing through questions about their first kiss and where they met, Chopra laughed as she asked Jonas to share the “most diva thing I do.”

“You have a list for this one, don’t you?” she asked as Jonas jokingly flipped his card to maximize his writing space.

However, when it came time to share his answer, Jonas had simply written two words: “You’re perfect” — although he went on to agree that Chopra’s answer, which was that she can’t cook and always orders food, was accurate.

Putting himself in the running for most devoted man ever, Jonas also was able to remember everything Chopra wore on the pair’s first date.

While the actress was only able to remember that she was wearing pants and a t-shirt, Jonas described her outfit as “blue jeans, white tank top, black leather jacket, hair parted down the middle and a red lip, of course.”

“Details, baby. Details,” he remarked.


After revealing Jonas’ one celebrity crush (Shania Twain), the couple ended up sharing an intimate detail about how they spend their alone time.

Asking each other to come up with their “favorite activity” they do together, Jonas replied that “mine is obviously alone time,” and proceeded to list talking, hanging out and “stuff,” which he did not elaborate on.

“I think ‘and stuff’ is great. Yes stuff,” Chopra shared, before sharing her own answer.

“Cuddling with his head on my tummy,” she replied, adding that her answer was “too intimate.”

“That falls in the ‘and stuff’ category,” Jonas lovingly replied.

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In the second video, Chopra showed off some of her best dance moves while Jonas played his song “Close.”

In between dance moves, the pair got super close and cuddled for the camera, and by the end of the clip, the pair were holding hands as they left the dance floor together.

The couple tied the knot during a Western wedding in Chopra’s home country of India on Saturday, PEOPLE confirmed exclusively. The nuptials, held at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, come just four months after the pair got engaged in July 2018.

Chopra was a glowing bride in a custom Ralph Lauren wedding gown, and Jonas, too, wore Ralph Lauren. In fact, so did both families, all of the bridesmaids, and all of the groomsmen (which included Chopra’s brother Siddharth and Jonas’ three brothers, Joe, Kevin, and Frankie).

The groom’s father, Paul Kevin Jonas Sr., officiated Saturday’s Christian ceremony, where the couple exchanged wedding bands by famed jeweler Chopard.

Following the ceremony, the couple celebrated their first moments of marriage by offering a glimpse at one of their fabulous pre-wedding events.

“One of the most special things our relationship has given us is a merging of families who love and respect each other’s faiths and cultures,” Chopra and Jonas both wrote in an Instagram post. “And so planning our wedding with an amalgamation of both was so so amazing. An important part for the girl in an Indian wedding is the Mehendi.”

A Mehendi ceremony is a Hindu wedding ritual that typically happens one or two days before the wedding. In a typical Mehendi ceremony, all of the women in the bride and groom’s families, along with close friends, gather together while the bride has elaborate henna designs applied to her hands and feet. Guests will usually get a few designs on their hands as well.

On Sunday, the bride and groom will continue their epic wedding weekend with a Hindu ceremony to honor Chopra’s background.

“It is super important to Priyanka to have an Indian ceremony that honors her heritage and culture, just as it’s important to also have a Western ceremony that honors Nick’s Christian upbringing,” a source told PEOPLE earlier this week. “They are doing both.”

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