Nick Jonas Doesn't Think He's 'Underrated' but People 'Tend Not to Understand That I'm Not Serious'

"I've got room to grow and get better every day," Jonas told L'Officiel USA

Nick Jonas for L’Officiel
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Nick Jonas wants everyone to enjoy his new album Spaceman.

Talking to L'Officiel USA for the magazine's May cover story, the singer admitted to not thinking he's "underrated" but that perhaps he should "push the envelope" more. He also wondered if some people didn't love his newest album because he's happy.

"I don't think I'm underrated," the 28-year-old said plainly. "I've got room to grow and get better every day."

"It's most artists' dream to be respected and be awarded by their peers. In some ways, I feel like I have been," he added. "In others, I don't. I'm not going to assume that's because they don't get [my work], but perhaps I need to get better and push the envelope, push myself."

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In the interview, Jonas wondered why it was some people didn't love his album and if it was because he's happy.

"I've had success for quite a long time. Anyone is entitled to their own opinion of my art or something I have done — if they think it's bad, I'd love to hear why," he said candidly. "And not because they think that I'm happy, that seems like a pretty asinine way to say that."

"Never take advice from the people you don't respect, right?" he added. "From those people, there certainly wouldn't be a thing where they would say this isn't good and the reason is because you are happy."

<a href="" data-inlink="true">Nick Jonas</a> for L&rsquo;Officiel
Tom Munro

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Jonas also spoke about his marriage and admitted that he has the perfect "muse," Priyanka Chopra, by his side.

"I'm not shy about admitting that's the source of a lot, if not all of my inspiration when I'm writing," Jonas said. "I feel really fortunate to have that muse and that support propels me to continue to write; it's omnipresent for me."

"We're together as much as we can be to bank as much time for those moments when we know that we inevitably have to be apart," he added.

The singer also cleared some misconceptions about himself and his personality.

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Tom Munro

"They tend not to understand that I'm not serious," he said. "At this point, I'm pretty laid-back and love to have a good laugh for anyone that knows me well."

"In the beginning of meeting new people, I take my time opening up to my full personality," he added.

As for the Jonas Brothers? "Joe is the one with the finger on the pulse," he said. "We actually have a lot of music that we've written and recorded over the last couple of years that we're just waiting for the right time to release and properly set up. It's better when we can do it together in person."

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