Nick Jonas Says Brother Joe and Fiancé Sophie Turner's Relationship Was 'Meant to Be'

"Their connection's beautiful and their support system with each other is incredible," Jonas tells PEOPLE Now

This year has been on another level for Nick Jonas.

From his first Golden Globe nomination to the release of his latest film Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and his excitement for his brother Joe Jonas‘ engagement to actress Sophie Turner, Nick, 25, tells PEOPLE Now he’s “blown away” by 2017.

“That’s the fun of it is that years into it, there’s still these moments where I’m kind of blown away by what’s happening,” says Jonas, whose song “Home” — featured in the film Ferdinand — was nominated for Best Original Song. “Jumanji coming out and the scale of that film and the cast itself, and to have that fall in the same time period as this new milestone is really incredible.”

He continues, “I just have a real attitude of gratitude about it because I think that, you know, I’m in a really fortunate position to still have people care, and that puts me in a spot where things are going so well.”

Nick is also still on cloud nine about his brother’s big news. The DNCE singer, 28, and the Game of Thrones star, 21, announced their engagement in October with corresponding Instagram posts showing off her stunning engagement ring.

“I am very close with Joe,” says Nick. “We live together in L.A., we spend most of the time that we have off together, so I would say that I know him pretty well at this point. It was pretty clear to me early on that this relationship was one that was sort of meant to be, in a sense.”

“Their connection’s beautiful and their support system with each other is incredible, and everything that you hope you find in your soulmate and I’m really happy for them,” he adds.

But does his future sister-in-law spill GoT spoilers?

“I don’t want to spoil it,” says Nick. “I was like ‘Don’t even [hint]’ … I don’t wanna hear it.”

“My problem is that I came into the show late,” he says. “I think I started when season five or six was on TV, so like I was getting really into it and then the red wedding happened — I knew this thing was going to happen, I didn’t know what it was though — and it really messed me up.”

Nick reveals he was so traumatized by the red wedding, it affected him even when he went to work on his own TV show Kingdom.

“My character [Nate Kulina] was a pretty sad guy for the most part — sort of to himself and just sad,” he says. “This is the one scene I was shooting this day where I was supposed to be really happy, and of course, I’m in my trailer before I go on set watching Game of Thrones and the red wedding happens and I was thrown.”

“They were like ‘All right, so lots of joy, this is his big moment!’ and I just, like, couldn’t do it,” he says. “I was so messed up about it.”

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