Nick Gordon breaks his silence after being ordered to pay $36 million to the estate of his former girlfriend, Bobbi Kristina Brown
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On Thursday, Nick Gordon was ordered to pay $36 million to the estate of his former girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown, after a court found him liable for her death.

Brown’s father, former New Edition singer Bobby Brown, issued a statement on social media after the ruling. “I am pleased with the outcome of today’s court proceedings,” he wrote. “I do know that Mr. Gordon will be unable to slander my daughter’s name in the future or obtain any benefits from the use of Krissy’s name.”

“Finally, I do need for the District Attorney’s Office to step up and begin the criminal prosecution of Mr. Gordon. The delay in that matter is of great concern to me and my family. We need for District Attorney Howard to act now,” Brown concluded.

Gordon himself has yet to offer a formal statement, but this morning he broke his silence on Twitter with an understated sad face emoji.

The 21-year-old, who has kept a poolside photo with Brown as his Twitter avatar, tweeted earlier in the week: “#outofcontrol”

Though Gordon hasn’t commented verbally since the ruling, one of his relatives offered PEOPLE some insight into his fragile state of mind. “Nick isn’t in a good place right now. He doesn’t have any money. This is symbolic more than anything, because they’re not going to get anything from him. You can’t get blood from a stone.”

The Gordon source added he will likely file for bankruptcy. “That will probably be his next step, but I don’t think he’s thinking straight right now. He is still in mourning for Krissi. This isn’t going to bring her back, no matter what they think. They need to look into themselves to see what part everybody played in this, not just Nick. Everybody needs a lot of prayer.”

Nick Gordon Found Liable for Bobbi Kristina’s Death, Ordered to Pay $36 Million to Her Estate

Gordon’s former lawyer, Randall M. Kessler, tells PEOPLE the court’s $36 million settlement verdict is unfair.

“It apparently was the result of the court hearing only one side and basing its decision on that since only one side apparently appeared,” he tells PEOPLE. “Had Mr. Gordon been present to give his side, who knows what the award, if any, would have been.”