'No More Money from Me': Nelly Severs Ties with His Father via Social Media

The "Hot in Herre" star followed up shortly after with a message of support for his mother, Rhonda Mack

Nelly‘s feud with his father has spilled over onto social media. In a pair of emotionally charged messages posted to both Twitter and Instagram, the rapper slammed his dad, Cornell Haynes Sr., by criticizing his absentee parenting. He went on to add that he’s done supporting him financially.

“The word father is strong word.. something I never knew anything about as a child because mine never did what he had todo only what he wanted,” he wrote in the first message. “‘HOPE IT WAS WORTH IT POPS IM DONE WITH YA NO MORE MONEY FROM ME’ LET THEM PAY YA BILLS..!!”

He shared a screenshot of the tweet to Instagram, with some more damning words in the caption. “Just because it’s ya DNA DONT MAKE YOU A FATHER..!!! Mine never saw me play sports never taught me anything never saw me graduate and I still took care of him for almost 20 years he never to care of me for half that..!!!!

He continued: “And till this day he still does what ever he wants even tho I pay his bills .. ‘WELL USE TO’ ..!!! That’s Over as of tonight ..!!!”

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The 43-year-old “Hot in Herre” star followed up shortly after with a message of support for his mother, Rhonda Mack, whom he credits as the guiding figure during his childhood.

“You don’t see my mama … should have know she would hold it down she always had a job came to my games saw her son graduate saw me score my 1st touchdown bought me my 1st pair of J’s wiped my tear away when I lost the big game and taught me how to play sports.! ‘MAMAS BOY’..!!!”

At present, it remains unclear what lead to the sudden outburst, which occurred exactly one week after Father’s Day.

However, The Shade Room observed that Nelly’s former girlfriend Ashanti posted a video with his father to her Instagram Stories shortly before the tirade.

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