Neil Young Officially Becomes a U.S. Citizen in Time to Vote Against Trump in Presidential Election

"I'm happy to report I'm in!!" the singer-songwriter wrote on his website on Wednesday

Neil Young is officially a U.S. citizen!

The 74-year-old singer-songwriter, who is originally from Canada, shared the news on his website on Wednesday, along with a photo of himself standing in a saluting pose next to a sign that read, “Democrats register to vote here.”

“I’m happy to report I’m in!!” Young wrote above the photo.

“Vote your conscience,” he added, along with an emoji of an American flag and a Canadian flag.

He also shared a video on Instagram, in which he waves a mini flag with the American stars and stripes on one side, as well as the Canadian maple leaf on the other.

“I’m proud to be a Cana-erican,” he sings in the video, combining his two citizenships into one.

Neil Young, Daryl Hannah

Young has long been outspoken against Donald Trump and is one of the many musicians who have slammed the president from using their songs at his campaign rallies and events.

“DT does not have my permission to use the song ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ at his appearances,” Young said in November 2018, according to Rolling Stone. “Legally, he has the right to, however it goes against my wishes.”

Young pointed out that he first asked Trump to stop using his music back in 2015.

Neil Young
Neil Young. Ross Gilmore/Redferns

“I asked him then, in a widely shared, public letter to cease and desist. However, he chose not to listen to my request, just as he chooses not to listen to the many American voices who ask him to stop his constant lies, to stop his petty, nasty name calling and bullying, to stop pushing his dangerous, vilifying and hateful rhetoric.”

The singer has also criticized Trump for denying climate change.

“It really is time for a reckoning with this unfit leader,” Young wrote on his website in 2018 after his home in Southern California was destroyed in the wildfires that raged that season.

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