Natti Natasha Talks Birthing Her Second 'Baby' 'Nattividad' and 'Breaking Rules' for Its Creation

"I'm going to show the girls that they can be happy in every aspect of their lives unapologetic," Natasha tells PEOPLE

Natti Natasha
Natti Natasha. Photo: Miguel Ducos

Is there anything Natti Natasha can't do?

The reggaeton queen released her newest studio album titled Nattividad on Friday — and Natasha tells PEOPLE it not only represents a rebirth, but also a message that she, like other women, can be successful in their personal and professional lives at once.

"I'm giving a message of I can be, I can do whatever I want. I could be happy in my personal [life] and in my work. And I didn't stop having my essence. I don't know if it was a virtue or not, but I'm very explicit with my words. I didn't stop doing that. I dare to do different things," Natasha, 34, says.

Natti Natasha
Natti Natasha. Miguel Ducos

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Natasha began working on her studio album throughout the lockdown, and when she found out she was pregnant, she knew it was now or never.

"I remember I had some of the ideas done already and when I found out I was pregnant, I was like, I got to get this going because for sure, I don't know how I'm going to have time after," Natasha says.

Natti Natasha
Natti Natasha's Nattividad. courtesy Natti Natasha

At the same time, Natasha knew that working on the album while pregnant meant crossing boundaries and challenging the way a woman is "supposed" to behave.

"I know that in the Spanish market they don't accept it so much — a woman being in the urban market," Natasha says. "So I was like, I don't know if I'm going to be judged [or] if it's going to be accepted. I speak the way I speak and I'm going to be a mother. I can't ask for permission to be happy in all aspects of my life."

"I'm just going to break the rules," she continued.

She also felt a calling to show other women that they could do the same.

"I'm going to show the girls that they can be happy in every aspect of their lives unapologetic," the "Criminal" singer says.

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Natasha and her fiancé Raphy Pina, who is also her manager, welcomed their daughter Vida Isabelle, 4 months, in May after struggles with fertility — though she feels like she's birthed "two babies" this year.

"She's great. She's big. Thank God. She's healthy. That's the important thing. And I actually had two babies because they were in the same process. I felt like they were growing at the same time," Natasha says.

The 16-track album features hit singles such as "Ram Pam Pam" with Becky G, which Natasha shot the iconic music video pregnant in and performed live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Other songs include: "Imposible Amor" featuring Maluma, and a remake of the Fugees' famous "Ready or Not" titled "No Quiero Saber" — which Natasha says is one of her favorite tracks on the album.

She also released the music video to her single with Maluma on Thursday — which Natasha tells PEOPLE was "very fun to shoot" because the "Sobrio" singer is "very down to earth."

In Natasha's words, this album is "for the girls" — and if she has one piece of advice for women breaking into reggaeton — it's to "keep hustling."

"You got to keep hustling. You have to show your essence. You have to show people what you can do."

Nattividad is out now.

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