"I genuinely was not expecting for him to turn that quickly, so when he  did I lost it a little bit," Bure tells PEOPLE about her Voice audition

By Melody Chiu
October 04, 2016 06:15 PM
Credit: Chris Haston/NBC

Natasha Bure appeared to keep her cool during her audition on the latest season of The Voice, but the budding star was “freaking out” inside.

“Oh my God, I did not hold it together well,” Bure — whose mom is Fuller House‘s Candace Cameron Bure — tells PEOPLE about her blind audition, which aired Monday night. “I was a mess after [Adam Levine turned his chair].”

Heading on stage, Bure “was so serious,” she recalls. “I was like, ‘Okay, time to do this.’ Make it or break it time. I started singing and I genuinely was not expecting for him to turn that quickly, so when he did I lost it a little bit.”

Bure first started singing at a “super early age” in church and knew she wanted to pursue singing as a career when she started leading her youth group at around 10 years old. “Ever since then, I’ve loved performing and it became my number one passion,” she says.

With Joy Williams and the late Amy Winehouse as her musical inspirations (“Their sound is so distinct,” she says), Bure is writing music ranging from ballads on the piano to EDM-inspired tracks.

After graduating from high school earlier this year, she is also putting college plans on hold to pursue her dreams with her parents’ support.

“My parents are so supportive of me and my music and everything that I love,” she says. “[My mom]’s given me a lot of advice to work hard and stay humble and be myself and to always give God glory.”

Adds the singer: “She grew up as a child actress and has blossomed into this wonderful woman with a family and a TV show. To see her in how firmly grounded she is, it’s a great testament to her and the things that she stands for.”