Myke Towers Is Confident in His New Sound and Talks Striving for Balance in Fatherhood

Towers' latest album La Vida Es Una is out now

Myke Towers Releases New Album and Talks Family Life
Myke Towers. Photo: Marilyn Tang

Myke Towers is ready to show his fans he has range.

Thursday marked the release of Towers' newest project titled La Vida Es Una (Life Is One) — and this is his proudest work to date.

"The album is about a dream that you wish to pursue," Towers, 29, tells PEOPLE. "You need to take risks because this is your one life."

The Puerto Rican star also says that this album is meant to lift people up "despite what's happening," adding that it is meant to be played live and enjoyed by the masses.

Most notably, however, Towers (born Michael Torres) took a risk by stepping into genres like never before. In the 23-track project, the star ventures into rock, reggae and pop.

"There's a lot of people out there who won't dare make this kind of music... and they've never heard me make this type of music before," the singer says. "I want people to listen to this music and know that it's me... without knowing it's me."

The album features collaborations with reggaeton giants like Daddy Yankee, Arcángel, J Balvin and more.

Myke Towers Releases New Album and Talks Family Life
Myke Towers. Marilyn Tang

Of working with Yankee, 46, the "Bandido" rapper says "I learn so much from his worth ethic and his discipline."

When he approached the "Gasolina" singer about the collaboration it was a no-brainer: "He said, 'Dale,' he respects me and this album."

"Sometimes I think it'll be easy to retire but then I think about him and I realize it won't," he says of the star, whom he deeply admires.

La Vida Es Una follows Towers' 2021 album Lyke Mike, which took listeners back to his roots. This time around, he's certain this record "is going to take me far."

"I've learned to be myself and hear others... but always know the path that I want musically that feels right in my heart," the "La Jeepeta" singer says.

Towers is also a father to his 3-year-old son, whom he makes sure to find time for despite his busy career.

"It's hard but I have to do it," he says, adding that as his son — whom he shares with his longtime girlfriend and whose identity he is yet to reveal — gets older, he wants his son to know "I was there."

He adds, "The best part is knowing that all of this, I do it for him."

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