November 22, 2016 05:08 AM

Kylie Jenner addressed her absence at the American Music Awards Sunday by taking to Twitter and Snapchat to reveal that she had to skip the awards show because her dog, Bambi, was having puppies.

Jenner tweeted that she knew Bambi was pregnant, and though she hadn’t planned on breeding the dog with her other Italian greyhound, Norman, as she said, “it only takes one time people.”

As far as reasons for skipping awards shows, it’s a pretty good one. Below, five celebrities who also shirked their awards show duties, and the excuses they gave.

Brett Eldredge: Missed the CMAs to Watch Baseball

Todd Owyoung

Eldredge is a huge Chicago Cubs fan, and during a year when it was pretty good to be a Cubs fan, he had a decision to make: Attend the CMA Awards or Game 7 of the World Series? Eldredge left little doubt in fans’ minds when he took to Snapchat to explain that, “It’s been my family’s dream from my grandparents all the way down to my father and my brother and I and my whole family to go to the World Series.” So, yeah, bucket-list item or annual awards show? Probably not that hard of a decision to make.

Kanye: Preemptively Boycotting the 2017 Grammys Because of Frank Ocean

At an October concert in Oakland, California, Kanye’s trademark mid-performance address/rant/stream of consciousness touched on Frank Ocean’s recent Blonde. “I’ll tell you this right now: If his album’s not nominated in no categories, I’m not showing up to the Grammys,” West said. The only problem with that is that Ocean’s team didn’t submit Blonde to the Grammys, according to Billboard. So we’ll see if Kanye holds to his promise come next February, unless the Grammys want to break form and nominate an album that wasn’t submitted. Hey, after this year, nothing would shock us.

Justin Bieber: Skipped the VMAs to Do … Karaoke?

In August, it was reported that Justin Bieber may have skipped the MTV Video Music Awards to do … karaoke? The venue of choice was Studio City, California’s Residuals Tavern, and Bieber’s alleged performance for the evening was Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire.” Apparently Bieber’s close with the owner of Residuals, though we have no intel on why he would have picked that song. Maybe he’s eyeing a transition to old-timey rock and roll?

Drake: Blew Off the Billboard Music Awards to Golf

Drake was up for 11 Billboard Music Awards in May, and won top rap artist, but apparently, he declined to attend the show, electing instead to practice his drive with friend Jas Prince, at Topgolf in Las Vegas, only a scant few blocks from where the awards were held, TMZ reported.

Taylor Swift: Missed the MTV Europe Music Awards to See Her Brother’s Play

Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Taylor Swift and younger brother Austin are super-close, and at this point in her life, she’s probably attended enough awards shows to last quiiiiiite some time. So two years ago, when Swift ducked out of attending the MTV Europe Music Awards to instead see her brother’s last performance in a play at University of Notre Dame, it was understandable. Family comes first! Plus, it’s not like she went golfing or anything.

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