Missy Elliott Offers Advice to Musicians Working on Their 'Pivotal' Second Album: 'Go with Your Gut'

"Don't be AFRAID! Becuz If u play safe you will be BOXED in & its hard to get out because your fans get used to that 1 sound," tweeted Elliott on Wednesday

Missy Elliott
Missy Elliott. Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty

Missy Elliott is sharing her wisdom with up-and-coming artists.

In a series of tweets posted Wednesday, the "Work It" rapper offered up some advice for any musician preparing to create the follow-up to their debut album, encouraging them not to compromise their art for anyone else.

"Sophomore Albums are a very PIVOTAL time for [an] artist! Here is a gem from MISSY," wrote Elliott, 51. "Your sophomore album be stressful but it's the BEST ALBUM to EXPERIMENT on!"

She continued, "Don't be AFRAID! Becuz If u play safe you will be BOXED in & its hard to get out because your fans get used to that 1 sound."

Another tweet from the four-time Grammy winner featured more insightful tips for musicians. "Secondly! Dear Artist Listen CLOSELY," wrote Elliott. "Go with the songs you feel you should drop not what everyone else suggest! You the Artist must FEEL it YASELF."

"Because YOU are the one that have to SELL it & CONVINCE ppl it's HOT," she added. "Go with your GUT! Fearless."

Elliott hopped back on Twitter a couple hours later and emphasized the value of the advice — which comes from an artist whose own second album, 1999's Da Real World, spawned three hit singles: "She's a Bitch," "All n My Grill," and "Hot Boyz."

"People normally charge for this kind of info but I'm giving this to the artist for FREE now let's see who will be WISE enough to absorb this knowledge like a sponge and APPLY it to their work," she wrote. "pay ATTENTION I also learned from the GREATS."

One of Elliott's followers, an artist named DJ Asha, replied with a question: "What about all those artists who had to be convinced to record a song and it turned out to be their biggest hit? I've heard that so many times in interviews. Or artists like yourself @MissyElliott who had to be convinced to step out in front of the mic?"

Elliott responded with a story about her 2002 hit "Gossip Folks" featuring Ludacris, which peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 — but she apparently wasn't a fan of the track upon first listen.

"I put out what I feel! Now I didn't care for Gossip Folks but I also visually saw a video that I could do for it and that's the reason I went on and put it out," she told the fan. "But when I drop a record it has to be something about it I FEEL…"

She then responded again with another anecdote about having to convince Atlantic Records to release 2005's "Lose Control" featuring Ciara and Fatman Scoop, which reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and went on to become certified two-times platinum by the RIAA.

"One last thing. Everyone said no to my song lose control including the label said it would never work. And I stood 10 toes down and put it out & and look what happened," wrote Elliott.

The following day, she responded to a fan's request for advice regarding the creation of a debut album.

"The 1st album is the easiest! If you haven't put out any music then there are no expectations," Elliott explained. "People haven't fell inlove with your sound yet But the 2nd is crucial because if your 1st album do well sometimes you stress trying to make something bigger than the 1st album."

Earlier this week, the "Get Ur Freak On" performer revealed via Twitter that she's preparing to release a new collaboration with Brazilian superstar Anitta.

"@Anitta one of the sweetest artist & had me laughing so hard yesterday," Elliott tweeted alongside a photo of the two artists together. "You a Star! And I am truly GRATEFUL to you & your Team you all treated me with so much LOVE & KINDNESS ... Let's go."

She concluded the tweet with "#Lobby," which fans believe may be the title of the collaboration.

Anitta, 29, confirmed the collaboration's existence with a video and detailed caption shared to social media. "Yes. I do have a song and a music video coming with the legend of all times @MissyElliott! I left my only day off on my European tour to come to America for only 24h hours," she wrote on Twitter.

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