Miley Cyrus Undergoing 'Transformative' Saturn Return, Says Celeb Astrologer

Aliza Kelly investigates Miley Cyrus' career, life and relationships as she obtains full agency of her narratives in the latest episode of People TV's Celebrity Astrology Investigation

Miley Cyrus is undergoing an era of transformation that was written in the stars. Celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly reveals that the singer is "smack dab in the middle of her Saturn Return" in the latest episode of People TV's Celebrity Astrology Investigation. As she explains, a Saturn Return is one of the biggest astrological milestones that occurs in a person's lifetime.

Cyrus, 29, is an "iconic" Sagittarius Sun, Scorpio Moon and Taurus Rising, and the Midnight Sky" hitmaker's "wild and free" attitude is a result of her sun exuding "adventurous, unpredictable Sagittarian energy." But Kelly notes that the rest of her chart is surprisingly serious.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus. Amy Sussman/Getty

"Miley's chart ruler, which is the planet that governs the rising sign, is Venus, and that's the planet of love and values," Kelly mentions. "Venus in her chart is located in Capricorn, the earth sign associated with commitment, tenacity and a steadfast work ethic." To sum it up, she refers to Cyrus as "multi-dimensional... at the end of the day, she takes herself seriously and she demands respect from others."

The singer first rose to fame thanks to her starring role in the hit Disney Channel series "Hannah Montana." When the show premiered in 2006, Saturn - the planet of rules and responsibility - was in the sign of Leo, meaning Cyrus was having her Saturn Opposition.

"This happens every 14 years and often aligns with an instinct to define your identity," Kelly explains. "During a Saturn Opposition, we may think we're independent, but really we're just reacting to circumstances outside our control: the lives our parents and our teachers and society established on our behalf."

As Kelly explains, we don't have full agency of our narratives until our Saturn Return, and "it comes in like a wrecking ball" (so to speak). The event takes place approximately every 29 years and it's when Saturn in the sky completes a full orbit, returning to the location it occupied at the exact moment of one's birth.

"Miley's Saturn is at 13 degrees Aquarius, which means her Saturn Return started in April of 2021 and will continue through January 2022," Kelly adds, mentioning that this life milestone could potentially kick off an entirely new era for the star and give her new perspective on her romantic past and future. (What does that mean for rumored boyfriend Maxx Morando?)

"As she goes through her Saturn Return, and reconciles her unique identity from the identities imposed upon her, she will have a different understanding of the role that her relationship played in her life," Kelly adds, confessing that Saturn Return can be a hard, challenging and scary time for everyone.


But she has no doubt Cyrus will come out the period of "transformative personal growth" thriving. "She's edgy, but she maintains mass appeal," she points out. "She's not afraid to take swings or live out loud."

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