Miley Cyrus Is Selling Her Own Line of Condoms — for $20 Each!

The pop star released a new six-song EP on Friday at midnight

Miley Cyrus‘ new EP, She Is Coming, dropped on Friday, and a slew of new merchandise accompanied the release — including her own branded condoms.

The condoms, which are sold individually for $20, come in a black wrapper with “She is coming” and “1-833-SHE-IS-MC” written on the outside in white. The phone number is also featured on a T-shirt and sweatshirt available on her website. Other merchandise released with the EP includes more clothes and a poster — one sweatshirt has the phrase “phone sex is safe sex” written on it.

The purchase of one of the condoms also includes a digital download of the EP.

The EP features six new tracks from the former Disney Channel star, including “Cattitude,” which she teased at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in England earlier this month. The track includes the lyrics “I love you Nicki [Minaj], but I listen to Cardi [B],” which caused some fans to wonder where Cyrus, 26, stands on the two rappers’ famous feud.

But Cyrus, 26, insisted that she wasn’t picking sides, calling both Minaj, 36, and Cardi, 26, “queens.”

“I think what they do is so different from each other. That’s why they both get a crown. They don’t have to share. They don’t have to break it in half. There’s no reason to fight over it,” she said on the Capital Breakfast radio show on Tuesday. “They’re both queens. And anytime you want to feel powerful and strong, that’s my go-to: Cardi and Nicki.”

Miley Cyrus condom merch

Cyrus played on the lyric on her social media, writing, “I love you Selena but I listen to Demi….” and tagging Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato in the Instagram caption. In another, she said, “I love you me but I listen to Ari,” in reference to fellow pop sensation Ariana Grande.

In her lyrics on the EP, Cyrus addressed how some of her critics have called her “obscene.”

“Wake up in the middle of a breakdown / Have sex on the table with the take out / I’m sick of the fakin’, the usin’, the takin’ / The people callin’ me obscene / You hate me, you love me, you just wanna touch me / I’m only tryna get some peace / So let me do me,” she sings in the track titled “Unholy.”

Miley Cyrus condom merch
Miley Cyrus condoms.
Miley Cyrus She is Coming
Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus/Instagram

The condoms are perhaps less random than they might seem, as Cyrus sings about sex in multiple songs on the EP — even the title of the EP is also a euphemism of its own.

In “D.R.E.A.M.,” for example, she sings, “‘Cause you know we’re gonna be alright / We’ll be f—– on a red-eye flight / Keep up with me ’til the end of the night / And we’re just gettin’ started.”

Other songs on the EP include “Mother’s Daughter,” “Party Up the Street” and “The Most.”

She Is Coming marks Cyrus’ first release since marrying her longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth last December.

The star’s most recent album, Younger Now, was released in 2017 and featured her popular single “Malibu.” She also sings on Mark Ronson’s “Nothin Breaks Like A Heart,” which was released in November 2018. She will appear in the fifth season of Netflix’s Black Mirror in June.

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